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Hello from Central IL!
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2009, 11:05:42 AM »
Hello, all. All my life I have had a strong connection with nature. Somehow I allowed society to get me off track (sound familiar anyone?). About a year ago, I was sitting in a meeting, working for a large corporation, in a room with no windows, and I realized how far I was off course from my natural path. Meanwhile, the economy started its recent tank. I began to write out my ideas for a commune. I am sure everyone assumed that I was taking notes, but I was looking for a way to get out of the plastic society and back to what I feel I was meant to be. Later, after searching the internet, I began to see that many others shared my views. I did not feel as alone. I have talked to my wife and close friends and have discussed organic gardening, forming a commune, simplifying, finding our true path, getting closer to the earth, becoming ourselves, feeling the natural connection, intentional communities, getting off the grid, following dreams and anything else that seemed to resonate. This is an exciting time in my life (I am 48 years old), and the in-the-moment journey is a natural place to be. I may fast-forward a bit when I dream, but each day I try to take some step toward a renewable and renewed life.

I guess joining this forum is a way to reach out to folks that share my love for the natural world. I welcome any comments and stories you may have that could validate my current path and assist me on my quest.