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Nature's Pace Sanctuary and the Resilience Research Farm are involved in several project areas including sustainable and responsible farming and rural development; researching, re-learning and teaching appropriate technology skills; reviving and improving self-reliant living skills; improving the quality of family life; teaching antique Native American Ways of living in harmony with, and fostering a respect for, all Creation. Our Executive Director is Herman Beck-Chenoweth and our Program Director is Linda L. Lee.
We perform research, develop systems and share information with others through this web site, workshops, tours, written materials, videos and demonstrations. Here are some of our current projects:
The Resilience Appropriate Technology
Research & Development Farm

One hundred and seventy five acre Natureís Pace Sanctuary is the home of the Resilience Research Farm and consists of pasture, tillable and forest lands. Here we research small to medium scale eco-sensitive farming systems that reduce operating costs, increase productivity and net farm income while improving natural resources and giving our livestock a good life.
Our current research is focused on open-pollinated seeds, heirloom plants, underutilized vine and tree crops, Mechanized Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening, livestock guard dogs, free-range poultry production and perennial crops.
While this website will be our main way of sharing our research and information we also publish books, produce DVDís and PowerPoint presentations. Some of this information is available free from this web site, other information is available free or at reduced prices to our members and our books and videos are also available from . Back 40 also carries the webís most complete selection of books and videos for farmers, crafters, outdoorsmen and conscious lifestylers.
Human Nutrition & Wellness
The manufactured, formulated, enriched and over-processed foods many of us eat are killing us and driving our sickness care cost sky high. We regularly research trade, government and new publications to glean information that will help people stay healthier and live longer.
We will give un-biased recommendations on foods and claims made by food manufacturers and researchers. We will help you separate fact from fiction, and recommend good information resources to you.
Eating whole foods that naturally occur in the wild (foraging) is a simple, inexpensive and fun way to stay healthy. We will keep you aware of what plants and animals are ready to harvest during the various seasons of the year, how to propagate them and what vitamins, minerals and even medicine(!) They contain. You will be amazed at what Nature has in her medicine chest.

Antique Indian Ways of Living in Harmony with all Creation
Our continentís early humans used many successful and earth-friendly techniques to produce food, manage the forests and create products from natural materials. We are researching their methods and plan to demonstrate the ways peoples native to our area met their needs, took care of our planet and ensured adequate food and timber for future generations.

Become a Member
Your support will help us expand our programs and continue research. You will receive our monthly e-mail newsletter & special updates that focus on member interests. You will also be eligible to receive advance notice of and discounts for attending our workshops and be notified of our speaking engagements throughout the country.
Members also receive a 10% discount on all DVD, Book and CD purchases from

"Shrewd Research for Frugal Farmers"

Click the Banner Below to visit the Resilience web site and Join Resilience.  Memberships help provide this forum as a free service!

Resilience On Line and the Resilience Research Farm are operated by Nature's Pace Sanctuary, Incorporated, a non-profit, communal religious organization chartered in Missouri.  For more information about our Community click here:

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