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Journey to Blue Eye

For this issue BJ, our resident DJ, soon to be heard on our internet
radio station, KWBC – World’s Best Country, stands in for CEO Herm Beck who’s behind the curtain working his wizardry and getting ready for his appearance at the OHIO FARM SCIENCE REVIEW, Sept. 16-18.

 Just about a year ago I went out on a film shoot with Herm and the Pleasant Valley Production crew.  I would like to share with you just how my journey went.  Pleasant Valley Productions makes how-to DVDs to sell on the Back40Books.com web site. We started out to Blue Eye, Missouri to shoot one called Bentwood Trellises featuring trellis maker Jim Long.

Make Your Own Bentwood Trellises DVD

I took our motor home. I had never driven it until my husband took me to Akers Ferry one time and then I drove it back home. I did okay, so off I went at around 3:15 Sunday afternoon with the others expected to catch up with me as I drove slowly down the highway. I stopped in Willow Springs to wait and it was 5 minutes before the other car came along. We headed on out down Highway 60 going to Springfield where we would switch to Highway 65 and head south toward Arkansas. I was chugging along at around 55 mph because Ray told me to not drive any faster than that. I have no idea just how long this beast is that I'm driving, maybe 30 feet or so. Anyway, the folks I'm traveling with aren't the kind that you get on the highway and go where you're going, no, we had to stop at Lamberts but they were too busy so we got back on the highway and off again to eat at KFC.  Keep in mind I'm maneuvering this beast(read more) around all of these on and off ramps.. Eventually we had our supper and then hit the road again. 
 It's now getting pretty late in the day, we went on through Branson and found our next turn just north of the Arkansas line.  By now it's dark, the road we turned on is a very narrow two-lane, and the traffic is backing up behind me.  There is no place to turn off and let them pass so I just kept on truckin'.  I came to this long, long, narrow bridge over a lake arm-don't know which lake. I hate bridges, even to just ride across one, and here I am not only driving but driving this wide beast. Made it across the bridge and the line of car lights behind me is getting longer and longer.  I could feel them swearing at me. Poor people. We made it to Blue Eye, but that seemed to be just the start. We went on through Blue Eye, MO and into Blue Eye, Arkansas. Made a turn onto another more narrow and winding road but I could feel the cars behind me give a sigh of relief. Curves and hills and more curves and hills.  We made another turn onto another narrow road, this time it was gravel.  Made another turn onto a hard-top road.  Very dark outside by now, I'm tired and need a bathroom break.  One more turn up a steep hill and half way up the engine on the motor home died the death of a rag doll. I slammed it into park to keep it from flying back down the hill and couldn't find the switch to switch to the other gas tank.  I finally found a flashlight and got the tank switched over but the starter wouldn't do anything, not even click. So I was in the dark, on a lonely old road, out of gas and no starter.  The rest of the crew came back and couldn't get it to do anything either.  I suggested I try starting it in neutral, but Herm, my boss, told me to wait until he moved his car from behind the beast.  It worked!  The starter worked but the engine didn’t.  Herm got in and inched it back down the hill to a safe place to leave it for the night.  I put everything from the refrigerator into an ice chest, turned off the propane and left it.  I spent the night on an air mattress in the living room of the place we were going to film at on Monday. 
 These were two of the nicest folks I've ever met. What a beautiful house they have.  Not fancy, just beautiful. With our morning shoot completed we left to find some lunch and by now had decided it was either out of gas (none in the second tank) or the fuel pump had gone out.  I was hoping for out of gas. I went back to the bottom of the hill and couldn't get the key that I had dug from the bottom of my purse to work and looked inside, sure enough, I had locked the keys in the beast.  Herm found one of the windows down about an inch and after much work finally got the door unlocked.     
 About that time a fellow came along and sent us to his house for some gas in a can he had sitting by his garage. Herm got that and put it in the tank and the generator started so we knew it wasn't the fuel pump. We went on into Blue Eye and found some lunch and bought a couple more 5gal gas cans, filled everything we had and went back to my RV.  Herm also bought some starter fluid for the engine, poured the gas in, sprayed the starter fluid and the engine started right up. Wow, was I a happy camper, because I really didn't want to spend another night without my pajamas and toothbrush! The trip home wasn't nearly as eventful but a trip up the off ramp and trying to squirm the beast into a gas station was pretty scary for me. I made it and didn't run over anybody so I guess it was ok.  I may try it all again sometime, but this time I won't let gas tank one run out.

Oh, I found out that the AC in the motor home is also a heater!  When I went to dinner Monday evening I didn't want it to be too cold when I came back later so I turned the AC to as warm as it would go not knowing that I had turned it to a "heat" setting instead of cool. Boy, was it hot when I got back, I really had to turn the AC on then and the fan as well.  It turned out that a motor in the second gas tank was out is why the full tank of gas wouldn't work.

You all have a great day, B.J.
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