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Choctaw Hog Recovery blue cropped Project Updates
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 08:27:04 AM »
Choctaw Hog Recovery blue cropped Project Updates

This past year, The Livestock Conservancy began a campaign to raise funds for a conservation project to save the critically endangered Choctaw hog from extinction. The need for action became apparent after census numbers indicated that there were only 100-150 Choctaw hogs left in existance. Through support from Conservancy members and collaborators, the efforts to save this historic and important breed are now underway.

The conservation project is located in Antlers, Oklahoma, which is currently home to the small number of remaining Choctaw hogs. Project partner Jim Stephens has agreed to provide facilities for the work to take place, and a safe home for the hogs. Livestock Conservancy staff visited the ranch recently to document the hogs' current status and advise project partners on preparing facilities for the conservation breeding program. So far, a pond has been dug, work to retrofit an existing barn for hogs is taking place, and fencing needs are being evaluated.

While in Oklahoma, staff also had the opportunity to meet with Bryant Rickman, who helped lead the 2008 effort to save the Choctaw horse. Over the past five years, Choctaw horses have been rounded up from their home on nearby Blackjack Mountain where the grazing lease was pulled and placed in the hands of conservation breeders throughout the country. Numerous bloodlines have been saved and the population is currently stable, although still listed as Critical on the Conservation Priority List. To watch a short video and see the hogs and horses, click here:

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