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About KWBC.FM Internet Radio Format
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2013, 05:19:52 AM »
Listener Supported KWBC.FM features TRADITIONAL country music from the 1930's through the present. TRADITIONAL means lots of steel guitar, dobro and fiddles, with hints of bluegrass thrown in. Anyone can listen for free but we would be honored if you became a contributing supporter of our station.

We also have a major commitment to the “foundation contributors of country music” such as bluegrass, folk, Americana, roots and Western swing. Bluegrass Gospel and Country Gospel dance in amongst other regular offerings and don’t be surprised to hear some Country Blues. Another popular and growing genre is Western and Cowboy Music and Poetry.

Older artists, some passed, delight listeners by being played next to new independent artists playing in the traditional style that has always been popular in the U.S and around the world. Even our regular listeners are surprised with some of the folks that we’ve discovered on our trips to concerts and festivals. All of these genres hold a special place in the hearts of true music lovers and we’re happy to bring this music to you.

There are over 14000 songs in our libraries! We love talking about the music, the performers and the songwriters. If the music is available you'll be able to purchase most of it through links embedded in the player.  Most of our songs are available with the convenience of “one click” MP3 downloads. "Click the "Buy CD" button while the song you want to purchase is playing and you can purchase the song for $1.28  ("Broadcast quality" file at 320 kbps; MUCH higher quality than Amazon or I-Tunes).  We are currently working to change the "Buy CD" message to read "Buy MP#".  We apologize for the inconvenience :-[

KWBC.FM broadcasts on 2 streams (1 WMA and 1 Shoutcast stream) to accommodate listeners with broadband or dial-up, MP3 players as well as smart phones. Our programs are available 24 hours a day and are programmed specifically for time zones around the world. We do interviews with artists in Nashville, at concert and festival venues and in our own studios.

As "The WORLD'S Best Country" we bring you the widest selection of country performers from all over the world: New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, England, Sweden and Norway as well as Nashville's best!