Author Topic: Appropriate Technology Plans for Small and Subsistence Farms  (Read 2165 times)

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Appropriate Technology Plans for Small and Subsistence Farms
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2013, 06:01:17 AM »
The below listed plans are generously posted to the public domain by Allen Dong as a gift to humanity.  When you find a project you may be interested in scroll to the bottom of the page and click through to the download site.  This post was made to Back 40 Forums as part of the "Back 40 Tree of Knowledge"

I Tech designs, Allen Dong, PO Box 413, Veneta, OR 97487
Public Domain--a gift to humanity.

    Food dryer: Farm-Scale Food Dehydrator
    Food dryer: Solar Tunnel Food Dryer
    Grain huller: Grain Huller for Rice, Spelt Wheat, Quinoa and Millet
    Grain huller: Centrifugal huller for sunflower and naked barley seeds
    Grain thresher: Conversion of a Leaf Shredder/Wood Chipper into a Grain Thresher
    Hand Operated Garlic Trimmer
    Insulation: Skylight insulation
    Pests: Enhanced electronic black light bug zapper
    Pests: Mouse guard
    Pests: Protecting trees from nutria damage
    Seed storage: Hand Operated Vacuum Packing System for Seed Storage
    Weed control: Propane Flame Weed Burner
    Weed control: Serrated Hand Hoe and Mower Blades
    Weed control: Weeding Spade
    Winnower: Farm Scale Electric Winnower
    Winnower: Hand Operated Winnower
    Winnower: Small Electric Winnower

Link to download actual PDF or htm files:

How-To DVDs at Back40GeneralStore: