Author Topic: Firefox Settings to allow KWBC.FM Player to Operate  (Read 536 times)

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Firefox Settings to allow KWBC.FM Player to Operate
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2013, 02:44:14 AM »
Recently we have been receiving questions from listeners regarding no audio from our player when using the Firefox browser.  Developers are constantly upgrading their browsers to keep competitive.  Unfortunately they do not always test their "improvements" before releasing the latest iteration.  So it is especially with Firefox.

If you are having the above problem, click the link below and open our player in Firefox.  Go to the "TOOLS" section at the very top of your browser.   Click "TOOLS" and go down to the "OPTIONS" section.  When the dialog box appears if your "BLOCK POP UP WINDOWS" box is checked click "EXCEPTIONS"  and copy or paste this information in the exceptions box:  http://kwbc.fm/radio/player.html?pid=0&sid=112169 .    Close the box and refresh your browser.    When the player comes up give Firefox plenty of time but eventually (usually within 30 seconds) the player controls and volume slider will appear and your stream will begin.   Problem eliminated.

Currently the Player is working properly on all other browsers.  If this fix does not work for you use the WinAmp Shoutcast Player.  Go to www.ShoutCast.com and enter "KWBC.FM in the search box and you will immediately be listening to the highest quality KWBC stream.  Be aware however, that the "Purchase MP3 Now" buttons are not available on Shoutcast.  Happy Listening!

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