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Meat shop's offerings range from '100 percent organic' to llama, alligator


Little Feather:

Missouri State University’s ground beef ($4.88 a pound) has found freezer space at Hörrmann Meats in Springfield, where it is sold alongside ground beef from 4R Farms in Republic ($5.49 a pound), Blackgate in Vanzant ($6.65 a pound) and J.B. Kobe Farms in Highlandville ($8.25 a pound.)

The various meats feature labels like “gourmet grass-fed beef,” “100 percent certified organic” and “no added hormones.”

For those with exotic tastes, there is kangaroo, bison, snapping turtle, alligator, llama and frog legs.

The store opened 18 months ago and is at 1537 W. Battlefield Road, next to a Dillons Super Store and across Battlefield from Hy-vee.

Owner Seth Hoerman said some of his customers do most of their shopping at the big stores but then stop in for select cuts of meat. (The old German form of his name is used for the business.)

He also sells local wines and beers, including Springfield Brewing Company and Mother’s Brewing Company.

In fact, he has bratwurst for sale made with a sampling of Mother’s Lil’ Helper beer.

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