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New Books: Focus on Leather Working
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2013, 03:29:37 AM »
Book Reviews by Linda Lee, Back 40 Books

Focus on Leather Working.

Bridlework: A Step-by-Step Guide by Robert H.Steinke. How to make almost everything for English riding as well as driving bridles. This book provides a thorough introduction to the art. There are easy-to-follow instructions illustrated by over 200 photographs and drawings. Covers tools, materials, cutting, preparing, stitching and finishing leather, size tables, various styles of bridles and other projects such as martingales, breaking and schooling aids, girths and stirrup leathers and accessories. An essential reference book for both the student and the experienced bridle maker.
Chapters cover:
Step-by step instructions
Tools and supplies needed
Hand stitching
English riding bridles (different styles)
Driving bridles
Reins (different styles)
Schooling guides
English girths and stirrup leathers
This 270 page, soft cover, 10" x 10" book is generously illustrated.  Price: $50.00 includes USPS Media shipping.

Making Harness - A Step-by-Step Guide by Lewis G. Martin and Daniel S. Preston. This huge soft cover manual(464 pages, 3.5 pounds, 8" x 11") covers how to make harness for Driving and  Farming and includes harness for Mule, Horse, Pony, Cob, Draft and both Single and Team.  Nearly every page is filled with photographs, diagrams and step-by-step illustrations. An extensive list of sources for leather, tools, supplies, equipment, and information for the leather worker is included at the end.
Born in 1932, Lewis G. Martin moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia when he was eleven years old. He began making harness in 1962. While Lewis has made almost any style and size of harness imaginable (even harness for turtles), he still enjoys making driving harness the most. In addition to his full-time work in the shop, Lewis is an ordained minister in the Old Order Mennonite church. Born in 1952, Daniel S. Preston holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the State University of New York - Binghamton. Before becoming Editor /Publisher of Shop Talk! (formerly The Harness Shop News), Dan worked as a harness and saddle maker. In his spare time you'll probably find Dan in a canoe, paddling upstream. 
Purchase this manual for just $65.00 which includes free shipping within the United States.

Cowboys Complete Saddle Making by John Hopper.   A book every leather worker should own. Profusely illustrated with photos, drawings, and patterns. Guidebook for making saddles, chaps, bridles, saddle bags, pack equipment, hunting equipment, halters, hobbles, breast collars and more. Information on tools, machinery, supplies. schools, saddle trees, etc. Step-by-step instructions, patterns, and measurements, 360 pp Spiral bound. Price: $45.00 includes media shipping.