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Bechard Family Farm Newsletter   Spring 2013

Greetings from Bechard Family Farm!

As most of you know, we are a family farm located in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri. Our family is dedicated to producing the most nutritious & delicious meats and foods possible. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to factory farmed foods, look no further!


2013 marks our 14th year of providing healthy & delicious meats to families like yours!  We are so happy to still be providing you with the fine meats you have come to expect,

We offer 5 different pasture raised meats: chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and pork.

ALL Bechard Family Farm animals live on chemical-free pastures getting lots of sunshine, grass, and fresh country air…not routine antibiotics, hormones, or medications.  Our meats are good for you AND they’re delicious!  Our beef and lamb are grass fed their entire lives.

In 2013, we will continue our tradition of providing you with the healthiest pastured poultry possible. We use only grass, GMO-FREE feed, and organic mineral supplements. Our poultry is NEVER given antibiotics or hormones. The chickens & turkeys live in floorless shelters that are moved to fresh grass every day.  The shelters protect them from predators and inclement weather while still allowing access to fresh grass and bugs. All of the chickens and turkeys are raised and processed here on our farm.

Our family has seen many changes over the last couple of years. The raw milk lawsuits are over and we are free to deliver our milk anywhere in the state of Missouri! Two of our parents who were living here have gone on to be with the Lord and Armand’s mother is now living with one of his sisters. Two of our sons have married (4 grandchildren!!) and two of our other sons have moved out. There are now 5 of us running the farm. We are learning to work smarter so we don’t always have to work harder.

One of those harder vs. smarter decisions we have made for 2013 involves chickens. FRESH CHICKENS will be available at the farm only. If you would like your chickens delivered, they will be FROZEN. Our family butchers the chickens here on our farm the morning of the “on farm” pick up dates. You can pick up your FRESH (unfrozen) CHICKENS here at the farm later that afternoon.

We already make weekly deliveries of our farm-fresh products into the Springfield metro area, so we will bring frozen chickens into Springfield on our next scheduled delivery date after each butcher. This change will allow us to more effectively focus on raising the fine meats you have come to expect from Bechard Family Farm.

The chickens and turkeys are sold on a pre-order basis. After our normal season (May-October), chickens are also sold here at the farm 'as available' throughout the year. The turkeys are only available at Thanksgiving time. Don’t delay in ordering your Thanksgiving turkey.  It helps us if you order before June 30th. As always, FRESH Thanksgiving turkeys will be available both at the farm and at MaMa Jean’s Market in Springfield. Please see the website for more details.

Our beef and lamb are grass fed, never grain. The cows and lambs live out on the pasture eating grass and getting plenty of sunshine and free-choice organic mineral supplement. In the winter, they get hay. We do NOT use chemical wormers or antibiotics.

Both beef and lamb are available by the whole, by the 1/2, or by the cut. A whole lamb will net about 40# of take home meat. A “side” of beef (or 1/2 cow) will net approximately 200# of meat. Beef is also available by the 1/4 cow. We are taking deposits for late-June beef now.

We expect great things from our new Dorper ram that we got this winter. He should provide us with many little Dorper lambs in the spring. Dorper is a sheep breed that is known for it’s great meat quality. Now is the time to order your lamb meat for this year.  This popular meat does not stay in inventory long, no matter how many we raise!

The pigs can be found happily turning up the soil and eating goodies like kitchen scraps and clabbered milk, working hard to turn it all back into good things like bacon, pork chops, and bratwursts!  Visit our website to find out more.

With the coming of spring calves, we have lots of sweet Raw Milk and Cream.  We never pasteurize or homogenize our milk.  It is always fresh, raw milk. Our Jersey and Jersey-cross dairy cows graze contentedly on fresh grass during the growing season, providing you with sweet raw milk. Please contact us if you would like to get on our milk schedule. Available at the farm and delivered weekly into the Springfield metro area.

Our delicious homemade bread is made with freshly ground “certified chemical free” wheat kernels.  We grind the grain the morning the bread is made. We bake the bread fresh, so please call ahead.


If you’ve been to our little farm store, you’ve seen our selection of Ozark Jam Kitchen homemade jams. We now make 12 flavors of jam! Made right here at our own farm, Ozark Jam Kitchen jam is always made using real sugar, never artificial sweeteners. You’re sure to find a flavor that is perfect to top your toast or to flavor your yogurt. Would you like to send some as a gift? We ship our soaps & jams nationwide.

With the many changes in our family, Teddi now has her own studio-room dedicated to making her large selection of handcrafted lye-soaps. Beautifully designed soaps with natural colors or eye-catching swirls, and with over 35 fragrances to choose from (and several that are fragrance-free), you are sure to find some soaps to suit you. Once you try Country Bubbles Soaps’ handmade soaps, you will never go back to harsh detergent soaps again! Visit to order some today!


We would love for you to visit our friendly little farm store! In addition to our fine meats and dairy, you will find a wide selection of handcrafted items. From Missouri handcrafted brooms and CD’s of Mountain Music and Organic coffee beans to Ohio-grown teas …our little store is sure to have items you’ll enjoy. We are open Monday thru Saturday, 10am to 6pm. Please call ahead if you are wanting milk or cream.


CONWAY, MO  65632
(417) 589-4152

Find us on the web at
Our e-mail is
Sincerely, Armand & Teddi Bechard
Hananiah, Kezia, & Katie

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