Author Topic: Demand a Halt to "Smart Utility Meters"  (Read 789 times)

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Demand a Halt to "Smart Utility Meters"
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2012, 02:46:38 AM »
National Day of Action to Demand a Halt to "Smart Meters"
Burning Homes and "Adverse Neurological Effects" add to Growing Public Rejection

A wave of protests across the U-S and Canada takes place today to demand a stop to the "smart meters" used by utility companies. Nearly three dozen demonstrations are being held, from Washington D-C to Detroit, and from Santa Cruz to Maui all to coincide with Grid Week, a conference of industry and government proponents of the "smart" grid. Joshua Hart, with the National Campaign to Stop Smart Meters!, says the demonstrators are asking for a moratorium on installing the wireless devices. He says they've been associated with thousands of health problems, fires, and violations of privacy laws.
"The utilities are demanding that people pay a fee to keep their safe, analog meters, and we call that extortion. That's unacceptable, and people have a right to be safe and secure in their homes and that's what today's protests are about. "

Hart says problems with internal wiring and shoddy installations have been identified as the potential causes of hundreds of fires caused by smart meters.

Smart meters emit strong bursts of microwave R-F radiation that the World Health Organization has labeled as a Class 2-B carcinogen. Joel Moskowitz, with the U-C Berkeley School of Public Health, says studies have shown that the meters expose people to significantly higher radiation levels than cell phones and WiFi.

    "So, it seems to be highly problematic from a public health standpoint that we're just rolling out millions and millions of these wireless meters, without fully understanding what are the potential health risks and figuring out how to reduce any potential harm. "

Opponents also say the smart meters aren't "green" and that they require massive new data storage facilities, and consume energy themselves. Today's protests are being organized by the National Campaign to Stop Smart Meters! and the Wireless Radiation Protection Coalition, along with more than 35 grassroots organizations around North America.