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John Two-Hawks Circle of Nations Newsletter - March 2012
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2012, 05:42:43 AM »
Hau kola na tiyospaye (Hello friends & extended family),

Welcome to all new Circle members!  Each section of the Circle of Nations newsletter is written 'facing' one of the four sacred winds, beginning with the east, then the south, west and finally the north.  This is to honor the old ways.  It is to teach and to help us to focus and find the center.  I have designed the Native Circle website in the same spirit.  I welcome you all to the Circle....  If you are touched by this letter, feel free to reply.  It means a lot to me to hear from you!

EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
When you sit inside a Lakota tipi which is set up according to our tradition and look out the door, you will be looking east.  There are reasons for this.  One of those reasons is that the east is the direction of the rising sun.  We face the east to greet the new day.  East is the direction of renewal, of spring, and of hope.  Each bud is like a sacred bundle, just waiting to burst forth with new life.  Spring is that season when hope opens up once again like the petals of a daffodil and whispers to our spirit that good things are possible.  It is a time of transformation and regeneration.  What once seemed cold and dead rises up with new life.  Dreams that seemed clouded and distant become clear and within reach.  This is the gift of the east wind, of the springtime.  It is hope.  Rise up.  Be transformed.  Burst forth with new life.  Embrace the promise of possibilities, and leap - your wings spread wide - into the warm gusting winds of a new season, and take flight....

SOUTH - Itokagata - Red (Red Earth)
A word from Peggy....

John Two Hawks Music at

Spring is here in the Ozarks, the Redbuds are whispering good morning and the dogwoods are about to wake up.  I am holding my breath in awe of what is about to unfold here in my backyard.  Life is full of these miracles and it only takes expectation and intention to watch them unfold.  It is easy to miss the beauty and many people do.  Many people miss the  true, deep and real life by accepting a plastic superficial and artificial one.  Real life is not easy, it is covered in scars and imperfections.  It has droopy jaws and wrinkles, it is full of loss and pain.  Look around.  Am I right?  If you look deeper though you will see tears that offer hope and fear that accompanies courage.  If you look deeper you will see the angels and saints in this world that sacrifice all to make the world a better place.  I donít need to name them, you know who they are.   They are the ones that encourage and tell you the truth.  They are the ones that pop up at the right moment of your life to demonstrate true beauty and then fade away never needing the glory.  I love life with all its obstacles.  Love has made it all worth while.  Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I actually am enjoying growing older and feeling rather beautiful in this aging body with strange sun spots and indigestion.  They remind me that I have soaked up the sun and maybe made a little too much merry.  Enjoy the spring, for it will pass soon...  Life is good.

Please join us for one of our fabulous Retreats this year, we are holding 5 in the St. Louis area and 3 in the Eureka Springs areaÖ  The complete retreat schedule is HERE.
The Flute Discovery Retreat at Stillpointe in Belleville, Illinois is only 2 weeks away so sign up today.

I am so excited to let you know that the NEW CD, 'The Wind of My Soul' will be available in the next few weeks.  The beautiful meditative experience of Art, Poetry and Music is a masterwork that I am sure will be a wonderful addition to the products of Circle Studios Records!  Keep an eye on our websites for special pre-release prices.

One last thing:  The new 2012 John Two-Hawks Signature Series 'Star People' Flute is now available!  Donít wait to order, they are already over half gone!!


WEST - Wiyohpeyata - Black or Blue (We are STILL Here!)
As I said in the East section, when you sit inside a Lakota tipi which is set up according to our tradition and look out the door, you will be looking east.  I also said there are reasons for this.  Another very important reason is that by having the tipi door face the east, the lodge keeps its back to the west.  This is necessary because the west is the place from which the winds come.  Springtime winds are especially strong.  The tipi is not only protected, but functions properly when its back is to the west.  We are the same.  As I said in the East section, Spring is a season of transformation, of renewal.  And yet, transformation and renewal are not possible without a catalyst.  That catalyst is the storm.  Yes, ironic as it may seem, the storm is how new life is born.  Strong winds gust and test our strength, breaking our dead branches and leaves away.  Lightning flashes and strikes and we are humbled by its power.  Rains pour down and soften the soil, cleansing our desolate places and preparing us for new growth.  We turn away from the fury of the storm, as we must, for protection.  We bend, we twist and sway.  We absorb.  And in doing so, we are transformed.  We are renewed, and imbued with deep strength.  And when the sun rises on a new day, those winds that strained us and the rains that soaked us will have bestowed a gift upon us.  That strain will have become our strength, and those rains will have become the seed for new life and new hope.  And so it is through the storms of spring, that newborn leaves unfurl, seedlings spring forth, and flowers bloom.  And it is only by experiencing, in fullness, the warm sunshine and the raging storm, that real transformation is realized, and hope springs eternal....

NORTH - Waziyata - White  (Words of Wisdom)
Some thoughts from my contemplations....

Words, once heard or read, can never be taken back....

Rainbows are only seen when it rains....

Never judge anything or anyone from afar....

Wisdom is rarely found in obvious places....

May Wakantanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all....     

As always, in the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world
Your Oglala Lakota friend and brother,
John Two-Hawks

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Reprinting of this Circle of Nations newsletter is encouraged!  All I ask is that it be printed in its entirety, with no changes, and that I be given proper credit, unless I have otherwise okayed it.  Wopila (great thanks)!