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Semi-Dry Peach Wine
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2008, 03:10:01 AM »
Nature's Pace Sanctuary Red Haven Peach Wine:

6# De-stoned Red Haven peaches, spray-free
2   Gallons chlorine-free water (well water is best)
4# White sugar
1# Brown Sugar
1   Package Cotes de Blanc wine yeast (or carryover from previous peach must)
6   tsp Acid blend
1/4 tsp Grape Tannin
2   tsp Yeast nutrient
1   tsp Pectic Enzyme

Gather and de-stone fully ripe peaches, clean hands and mash up the peaches as well as possible.  Pour 2 gallons HOT water over the peaches then allow must to cool.  Add all additional ingredients.  Daily break up the cap and stir.  After 25 days strain the must and transfer to glass bottles.  After another month pour off and strain into new bottles.  Sample in 2 months.  If it is ready, drink away.  Will get better as it ages and will be perfect after the first of the year.  Enjoy! :P
Herman Beck