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Hau kola na tiyospaye: John Two-Hawks Circle of Nations for September
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2011, 09:40:21 AM »
Hau kola na tiyospaye (Hello friends & extended family),

Welcome to all new Circle friends!  Each section of the Circle of Nations newsletter is written 'facing' one of the four sacred winds, beginning with the east, then the south, west and finally the north.  This is to honor the old ways.  It is to teach and to help us to focus and find the center.  I have designed the Native Circle website in the same spirit.  I welcome you all to the Circle....

EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
Fleeting moments.  Moments of love.  Moments of loss.  Moments of exhilaration.  Moments of deep sadness.  Moments that take your breath away.  And moments when breathing is all you can seem to muster.  Moments....  They come and go so swiftly, and yet they are what this life is made of.  The dragonfly in this photo greeted me each day for about a week.  Then one day she was gone.  I am so happy she flittered around me those few days, and that she was kind enough to pose for this photo.  I still look for her.  This is life.  Nothing stays.  Everything changes.  Loved ones slip away.  New life springs forth.  A new day dawns.  The sun rises again, and the pain of yesterday is watered with the hope of tomorrow.  Fleeting moments.  They are all we have, fragile as they are.  Don’t let them pass you by.  Linger while you can, for moments cannot be reclaimed once they are lost.  Sit for a minute more.  Stay a little longer.  Warm your soul at the fireside of friendship and love until the last flickering flame dies away.  You will never regret those moments you savored, those times when you lingered.  Be here, in this moment, now, fully present, with those you love.  Seize the day - the moment - for it will not come again.  And in doing so, you will find your self, your path, and your heart.  For all that is real exists in each fleeting moment of our lives.  Live there, and when your moment to flitter away on the wind comes, you and all who have known you, will know you have lived.  And that you have loved....

SOUTH - Itokagata - Red (Red Earth)

A word from Peggy....

Just yesterday Luella commented that I had not been writing much.  Four weeks into the shingles and 4 months into our touring, I guess you could say I am just not in the mood.   I told her, I don’t think people need to hear about my pain and stress.  I mean that. There certainly is enough negativity in the world.  But I do want people to know that my life is not all sunshine and rainbows.  A life that counts is full of stormy oceans and placid streams.  If by some miracle you have only experienced placid streams than either you are lying or you are in denial.  The beauty of life is that we overcome adversity and smile somehow in the middle of defeat.  I for one believe you experience the same amount of joy as pain.  No pain no joy…. extensive pain, incredible joy.

I am so excited to be able to put a coffee cup up in the cupboard.  Why?  Because for weeks I couldn’t move my arm that high without pain.  I am in for some truly appreciative moments.  My gratitude is real….. it is gratitude I have earned.   Love that is tested and tried is love that is true.

I am feeling more like the Velveteen Rabbit than like a Barbie doll and I am really thankful for that.  Along the way so many of you have shared your prayers, your love, your healing energy and your pain pills.  You have showed that you are true.......and I just have to say “I love you”.

John is in the studio putting the final touches on “Heaven and Nature Sing” which will be released on his birthday Sept 25th.  What a great Christmas CD.  So many of you asked to hear more of John’s singing.  So he sings on 8 of the 12 songs.  For our Christmas CD lovers….you are going to go crazy over this CD!

Please join us in Washington DC at the National Museum of the American Indian and at the Notaviva World Music Festival in Purcellville Virginia on September 10th!
For our fall schedule please visit The JTH Schedule.
Make sure to put the Mending Medicine Retreat and World Drum weekend on your schedule Oct 21st-24th, you will not want to miss all the incredible activities we have planned!!

  ~     ~      ~      ~     ~ 

WEST - Wiyohpeyata - Black or Blue (We are STILL Here!)
“Old Indian Saying”: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.  Leave the man alone and he will either figure it out or die.’  This little quote, funny as it is, really does sum up the Native approach to most things in life.  ‘Let it be’ could’ve been written by an Indian, because that’s our way for sure.  As a culture, generally speaking, we don’t meddle with things.  We leave it be.  We like to keep our nose out of your business if we can help it.  It was the same with our spiritual life.  Each person had a personal walk with Spirit, and that individual path was respected by all.  This approach also applied to our relationship with the natural world, which we left mostly untouched for countless tens of thousands of years.  Now this doesn’t mean that we weren’t proactive when it was appropriate, it just means that, as a culture, we recognized that sometimes things get tangled up for a reason, and that reason will never be known if we stick our nose in and untie everything.  Sometimes trouble comes along so that we can learn and grow.  This is the way of Wakantanka.  It is the way of the natural world.  So the next time you catch yourself wanting to do too much, fix too much, say too much, enable too much or just plain meddle too much, just remember..............  actually, never mind, I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to fish....   ;-)

NORTH - Waziyata - White  (Words of Wisdom)
Some thoughts from my contemplations....

A muscle can grow stronger only through resistance....

Native prairie grass puts down 8 feet of roots before it ever reaches for the sky....

Struggle is the place where wisdom is born....

Listen to those older than you, no matter who they are....

May Wakantanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all....     

As always, in the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world
Your Oglala Lakota friend and brother,
John Two-Hawks
Reprinting of this Circle of Nations newsletter is encouraged!  All I ask is that it be printed in its entirety, with no changes, and that I be given proper credit, unless I have otherwise okayed it.  Wopila (great thanks)!

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