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Attention Farmers: Job/Purchase OPPORTUNITY
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 02:35:32 AM »
Attention Farmers: Job/Purchase OPPORTUNITY - for a qualified person interested in training to manage (with purchase possibilities) a Certified Organic, Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom farm.  We are located in a high mountain valley of the Ozarks within 55 miles of  Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Please read on and let us know if you see a match!
(Check out our website www.swedencreekfarm.com <http://www.swedencreekfarm.com/>  and
http://www.theperennialplate.com - episode 55 is a video of their trip to our farm.)  No calls at this time but please email your resume & qualifications to c2@swedencreekfarm.com     


Carole Anne Rose & Curly Miller

We are one of the largest log-grown Certified Organic Shiitake mushroom
farms in the US and have been expanding since starting the business in 1986.  Curly Miller is
one of the most knowledgeable log growers in the business today.   Every week of the year, we ship
mushrooms to Organic distributors, have a weekly delivery route in NW Arkansas, plus we fly in specialty
mushrooms each week to deliver to our local restaurants and markets.  Our customer base is extremely stable
and we continue to grow each year, with consistently increasing sales.  Our infrastructure is well
built and highly functional, with continuing improvements and maintenance each year.   

We have an excellent credit rating and an incredible reputation, which often
creates unbelievable opportunities for us in many aspects of the business.  We also donate mushrooms to many local fund-raising events and look for ways to support folks in the NW Arkansas communities.

Our farm covers about 300 remote acres with significant spring water, access
to purchase logs, and pristine laying yards.   We employ and house 2 full-time (well paid) families who
work on the farm with us.  One family has been with us since 2002 and our second family has been with us
for about 3 years.   We will have additional housing (with most modern conveniences; gravity spring water,
electric, washer/dryer capability, wood heat, two bedroom, etc.) on the farm for this trainee/manager in the
near future. 

The person filling this position will need to possess, and/or quickly
develop, several skills in order to continue the success of this farm.  Computer and bookkeeping (QuickBooks) skills are required in order to be able to run all aspects of the business.  This includes bill payment, taxes,
payroll, managing cash flow, building and preserving credit, and more. 

This hands-on trainee will also need to keep everything on the farm running
(on the job training included), especially during emergencies like flooding, ice storms, heat waves, mechanical
breakdowns, etc. when crops can easily fail.  This includes, but not limited to, construction, mechanical repairs, vehicle and tractor repairs/maintenance, welding, tool fabrication and repairs, all while producing up to 1700 pounds of Shiitakes weekly.

Due to health reasons, we may not be able to farm into our 70's as planned. We are looking for ways for the farm to continue (e.g. hiring a trainee/manager, sell to a trained and qualified buyer, leasing properties with option to buy, etc.).  We are flexible in considering various options and/or other contract arrangements as agreed upon by all parties.