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American Small Farm & Country Life Photographer Guidelines
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American Small Farm & Country Life Photographer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting photographs for possible publication in American Small Farm magazine. American Small Farm is published monthly, except for July) and is targeted toward small-farm owners involved in livestock and agricultural pursuits.
American Small Farm & Country Life  receives photos from a number of photographers during the course of a year. The majority of photos are submitted by professional photographers that we have worked with previously; however, we are always interested in expanding our network and do accept photos submitted on speculation.
What to send:
Size: minimum 4” x 6” (9”x12” to be considered for openers/covers; 13”x17” to be considered for spreads).
Resolution: 300dpi
Color: RGB
Format: jpeg, Png
We accept high-resolution digital images. All photos should be clearly identified (proper name of subject, breed or species) and file names should be less than 32 characters. All photos must either have captions/information embedded in the photo or be accompanied by a detailed caption list or other identifying information.
Grainy film or blurry digitals will be rejected. Action shots must be tack-sharp—please check carefully before submitting.
As of 2012, we will no longer accept slides. Please contact us before sending slides at this time.
How/where to send:

Subject line: Photos
Please also send an email to ArtDirector@SmallFarm.com alerting us that your photos have been sent.
Email is only acceptable if you are submitting a few low-res images for our review. Please do not send a lot of images via email.

American Small Farm & Country Life Magazine
Attn: Photos
American Small Farm & Country Life
813 Colgate Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65203

For overnight or courier delivery, send to:
American Small Farm & Rural Life Magazine
Attn: Photos
813 Colgate
Columbia Missouri 65203
We prefer to receive photos on CD/DVD. We require that CDs/DVDs include a printed out contact sheet. Disks will not be reviewed without them.

2011 Photo Rates
$300 cover
$200 inside 2-page spread
$125 inside partial 2-page spread
$100 inside color, full page
$65 inside color, partial page
$50 website use
$25 duplicate use in same issue

Unless otherwise indicated, we will assume materials do not need to be returned and can be kept on hand with our stock images for future consideration. We are building a searchable photo library, and your images will be added to this library so that your images can be considered for future needs. You retain all rights to your photos and you will be notified and paid if/when the images are used. If you do not want your images saved/considered for future use, please let us know. If you would like your materials returned, please include a self-addressed envelope with your submission. Be sure to include enough postage for the return of your photos. We cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail.
If you need any extra information on where to find specific subjects or if you have questions regarding a particular topic, please contact us. We’ll help you get the shot we need!

Occasionally, we have certain subjects available for assignment. Additionally, please let us know if you have something in your area that suits our subject matter that you want to visit and photograph.
Please do not send more than one issue’s submission in one package. Sending a package with multiple submissions will delay any of your outtakes from being sent back. So, for example, if you are submitting for the March/April issue, please include only those shots in that packet. A small selection on one topic is fine for review.

We are looking for photos with both high technical quality and good composition. Make sure the subject(s) fit within the frame—no cut-off feet, heads, etc. Avoid insufficient light levels or shutter speeds that will intensify graininess. Pay particular attention to the backgrounds; avoid clutter and situations that appear unsafe. Human subjects should be dressed appropriate to their task, including adhering to any safety standards.  All photos must be model released when necessary. Photos depicting subjects negatively should be “mocked up” or model released.

General stock images of people working around the farm: mending fences, building shelters for livestock, tilling land, setting up irrigation systems, maintaining tractor and other equipment, general wiring, sharpening tools, et cetera.
Stock images of people planting/picking fruits/vegetables, profile shots of individual seasonal produce.

General stock photos of cattle, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, emus, pot-bellied pigs, ostrich, chickens of all breeds, rabbits of all breeds, pheasants, bees, etc. Photos of animals being cared for by owners and vets; animals at liberty; animals interacting and playing with each other, interacting with others. Farmers shearing sheep, gathering eggs, collecting honey, etc. Various ailments to livestock such as wounds, colic, abscesses, hoof problems, skin issues, etc.
Stock images of prospective farm buyers, sellers and agents on small farms; shots of farm inspections; what to look for when buying a small farm (electrical, water/well systems, propane tanks, septic systems, fencing, building construction and materials, property drainage, pasture quality, irrigation systems, road access, etc).

Shots of various crop pests; methods for controlling pests; soil; fertilization of soil; various crops growing; people working in fields.   

Happy Shooting!
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