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Johnny Seeds Interactive Planning Tools
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2011, 08:21:54 AM »

Johnny's website is a wealth of information to help you with your planning, planting, and growing, including interactive tools and videos. Visit our online planting tools page at to find helpful tools including these calculators, worksheets, and guides:

For planning, use these easy calculators:

The Seed Calculator will help you figure the number of seeds or plants you need for a given amount of space.

The Target Harvest Date Calculator will help you to determine when to plant for a specific harvest date.

The Seed-starting Date Calculator will tell you the dates it is safe to plant outside based on the frost-free date you specify.

The Fall-planting Calculator will calculate the date to start seeds for crops that mature as it gets cold based on the first frost date you specify.

The Succession Planting Calculator will calculate the dates for later plantings after inputting the date of your first planting for each crop. It will also determine the last date to plant in order to get a crop before frost, based on the first frost date you specify.

The Caterpillar Tunnel Spreadsheet will help you determine the cost to build a high tunnel using Johnnys recommended materials.

For helpful growing information, see these guides:

The Flower Growing Guide and Herb Growing Guide provide germination time, transplant information, days to harvest and other growing information to help you choose the best flowers and/or herbs for your growing situation.

Johnnys Grower's Library includes many more charts, growing guides, manuals, and other product information files.

Catalog Extras contains more than 40 articles written by Lynn Byczynski, publisher of Growing for Market magazine. GFM is renowned in the market gardening world for realistic articles that give growers practical, how-to information about growing and selling produce and flowers.

Be sure to check out Johnny's videos as well. They cover a range of topics from soil preparation and pest and disease control to tips on growing successful blueberries and raspberries. Also, you will find videos on hoophouses, harvesting tools, and tool maintenance.

Amber Flint
Johnny's Selected Seeds 1-877-564-6697, ext 5305

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