Author Topic: NEW BOOK: FARM FRESH RECIPES--Ready to Copy Recipe Cards for Produce Marketers  (Read 1958 times)

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Give customers recipes and they will buy more produce! These recipes were chosen because they are easy to make and they use a lot of produce. Recipes are laid out three to a page so you can photocopy the page and cut it down to index-sized recipe cards. Recipes sell produce. That maxim is well-established in the produce business. Farmers who sell direct to the public agree that recipes increase sales. Most customers just need a little inspiration to get them cooking with fresh ingredients. They obviously are interested in fresh produce - why else are they visiting your farm market or market stand? All they need is a reason to buy more, and a good recipe is usually encouragement enough. Although most recipes use only produce, some recipes include fish, chicken and beef. It is NOT a vegetarian cookbook. Soft, Laminated cover, 8+" x 11", spiral binding, 104 pages, $20.00. To Order By Phone Call Toll Free: 866-596-9982


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