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Home made rollaway Nest Boxes
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2011, 06:00:00 AM »
I use a sloping floor in my nest boxes. Its very easy to make (just
slope the floor so that the eggs roll out as soon as the chicken gets up).
Go to Walmart and buy one of the cheap green plastic outside floor mats and
cut it so that it fits in your nest box. I also cupped the end of the mat so
that it would catch the eggs (I folded over the last 3-4" and then used hog
nose rings to hold it). You have to make the sloped floor longer than the
nest box so that the eggs roll outside the hens reach (at least about 6-8").
I then covered the rollout area with a rubber roof material so the eggs are
hidden from sight until I am ready to collect. If you already have wooden
nest boxes, you should be able to modify them relatively easy by removing
the existing floor, cutting a new longer floor, installing the longer floor
on a slope and then just adding some 1x4's to the sides of the extension.
Then just fabricate your green floor mat so you can just slide it up in the
roll out box (all the way up so hens lay eggs on it) so that it will catch
the eggs as they roll out. You will have to play with the angle to get it
right because if you have it too high up, the eggs will crash (and crack)
once they hit others at the bottom. If you have it too low, the eggs won't
roll out. I would say that my angle is ~ 25-30 degrees.

PS. I fabricated two mats for each rollout nest box so that I can just pull
one out when it gets dirty and slide a new one in. I will then wash the
dirty one with a hose & sprayer and sit it out it in the sun to dry and to
get some natural solar cleansing.


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