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Re: Selling goat meat at the Farm Gate
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2011, 06:47:26 AM »
USDA regs rules over the farm:
<http://www.fsis.usda.gov/PDF/State_Programs_Review_Manual.pdf> USDA Meat
and Poultry Inspection

Beyond that, you'll want to check with your state Dept of Ag.
Back in the day,we were told the rules included:
You may slaughter an animal for your own use on farm.

You may sell a live animal off the farm directly to the buyer; sheep and
goats needed the or scrapie eradication tags, I don't know what, if
anything, cattle are supposed to have. As far as selling to the public, I
didn't check into poultry regs either.You might be able to build minimal
processing facilities and have them inspected and everything would be fine
but I'm lazy and preferred to just sell the live animal, so I didn't bother
If you slaughter the animal yourself you may not sell cuts or parts of that
animal for human consumption unless the animal was slaughtered in an
approved mobile facility (AKA "have gun,will travel" style butcher on

You may not sell a live animal and allow the customer to leave with a dead
one (on farm slaughter by the customer) or parts of a dead one unless you
have an inspected facility or a mobile slaughter unit handle the details.

Your customer may buy a live animal and remove it from your farm(*), and -as
long as the site they've selected allows it-, they may slaughter and process
it themselves. If the customer buys a lamb and tries something stupid like
butchering it on the front lawn in an apartment complex, they will get in
trouble over breaking local zoning ordinances, not you.
Those were pretty much the rules in Oklahoma from over 10 years ago as best
I remember them; I don't know what the regs are now.

(*)I do remember I was told that does NOT include running a hose out the the
bar ditch so the buyer could slaughter in the road in front of your farm, I
got the impression some smart @ss tried that, and the Dept of Ag was NOT
Bowlegs, OK

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