Author Topic: Importance in having music projects  (Read 2922 times)

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Importance in having music projects
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I have been in the music business for 50 years, one of the reasons I have been successful is because many people could hear what we sound like, including promoters who do the booking that puts $$ into your bank account.
I write and record many of my own songs, my group music is played on several stations across the US, Canada and on major playlists on Radio Europe. I also have my music available for purchase on my websites, I started my group 27 years ago, as Southern Missouri Bluegrass http://www.southernmobluegrass/org  my last name is Lewis and my partner's is Clark and with the documentaries of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, came our second name Lewis and Clark Bluegrass Expedition  I am a KY Colonel and a freelance entertainer and promoter and you can see my website   I am president of the George D. Hay Society at West Plains, Mo  Mr. Hay was founder of the Grand Ole Opry  many watch my live shows each week 24/7 on my television show

Without these avenues, you cannot succeed in the music business, your music is you lifeline
Again with your music in recording