Author Topic: Importance in having music projects  (Read 2858 times)

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Importance in having music projects
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I have been in the music business for 50 years, one of the reasons I have been successful is because many people could hear what we sound like, including promoters who do the booking that puts $$ into your bank account.
I write and record many of my own songs, my group music is played on several stations across the US, Canada and on major playlists on Radio Europe. I also have my music available for purchase on my websites, I started my group 27 years ago, as Southern Missouri Bluegrass http://www.southernmobluegrass/org  my last name is Lewis and my partner's is Clark and with the documentaries of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, came our second name Lewis and Clark Bluegrass Expedition http://lewisandclarkbluegrass.homestead.com  I am a KY Colonel and a freelance entertainer and promoter and you can see my website http://ericlewismusic.tripod.com   I am president of the George D. Hay Society at West Plains, Mo  Mr. Hay was founder of the Grand Ole Opry http://gdhaysociety.tripod.com  many watch my live shows each week 24/7 on my television show http://www.trimtntv.com/smb.ram

Without these avenues, you cannot succeed in the music business, your music is you lifeline
Again with your music in recording