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A Missouri Income Sharing Community
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A Few Words About
Nature’s Pace Sanctuary

Nature’s Pace Sanctuary is located on 175 secluded, scenic, rolling acres in the Ozark mountains of southern Missouri. Our land is almost evenly divided between forest and farm lands and fronts on the Current River, a National Ozark Scenic Riverway that remains nearly as natural and wild as when the Indians lightly trod the Ozark Mountain’s trails.
We are a Spiritual Community learning indigenous Ways of Living in Harmony with all Creation. We celebrate changes of the seasons and full Moons. We believe there have been many "sons and daughters" of the Great Mystery (God) and choose to practice ways that worked for our the first People in this area.
Living in tune with Nature is important to us. We grow, forage, hunt and preserve our own food; heat with wood; work hard; and feel a Spiritual connection with the Great Spirit and all the Beings in the Universe. We get satisfaction doing these things ourselves and in having a lifestyle where Work, Learning and Spirituality blend seamlessly.
We are wary of technology and continue to evaluate just what items are appropriate for us to use. Right now, we heat with wood (cut with chainsaws), light our homes with oil lamps (but use electricity in our business area), operate an on-line store, but restrict the use of the computer, radio, television and recorded music. In the future we hope to begin using animal power for farm work, but presently use conventional transportation and tillage methods.
We are learning antique Native American skills and methods and attempt to integrate these methods into our daily lives so that we can live more in harmony with Nature. We enjoy learning new skills, sharing old ones, setting our own pace and taking breaks together.
It is our desire to live an ascetic life apart from contemporary society and demonstrate through daily life the satisfaction and necessity of living within Nature’s Laws. We prepare all foods from scratch and eat an omnivorous diet similar to that used by early Native peoples from our area, including wild game and edible plants.
Our values are those of traditional indigenous peoples: caretake the Earth, live within natural systems, concern for the group rather than self, and treating all Beings (Trees, Plants, Rocks, Animals, Humans, and all Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) with reverence and respect. We plan to teach our children the traditional skills so that they will be prepared to live a satisfying, productive and sustainable Life in our Community.

Our Economy
Nature’s Pace Sanctuary is organized as a communal religious association under section 501(d) of the Internal Revenue code. Members receive food, clothing, shelter and a small discretionary allowance in exchange for their labor. Major property is owned by the community although some private ownership is permitted. We are governed by a group of Elders chosen from the Guides (full members of our community).
Some of our time is spent producing necessities for community use: foraging, building, gardening, caring for livestock, harvesting wood, preparing meals, harvesting and storing food, mechanics, and childcare. Community income producing activities include operating horticultural enterprises and working for Back 40 Group, an on-line business that sells books, music & videos on the internet. Member can also work with other Back 40 income producing businesses that produce and manufacture how-to videos, operate an internet radio station, Develop internet sites for other companies and staffing a traveling bookstore that displays at conferences and events throughout the U.S.
The Community also operates several agriculture related businesses such as a native plant nursery, selling baby chicks, and producing open pollinated seeds. In addition we host conferences and workshops pertaining to traditional Native lifeways, homesteading skills, Spirituality, wildcrafting, small-scale farming, alternative construction and women’s health. All members are required to work scheduled hours in our income producing businesses.

If you are willing to live extremely close to the land and are dedicated to "Living in Harmony with all Creation," send $5.00 for information packets. Singles, couples, families welcome. Snail mail: Nature's Pace Sanctuary, Hartshorn, MO 65479; Telephone 10-4 Central Time: 573.858.3559; e-mail: Herm.NaturesPace@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.Back40Books.com
Herman Beck or Linda Lee
Nature's Pace Sanctuary
Box 8
Hartshorn, Missouri 65479 United States
Phone: 573-858-3559
Email This Community!  Herm.NaturesPace@earthlink.net

http://KWBC.FM  Our community operated internet country music station!

Former/Other Names: Locust Grove Farm
Last Updated:8/21/2009
Visitors Accepted
 (Please do not show up un-announced)
Visitor Process: We invite you to visit BUT you must make arrangements in advance. We are a gated community and if you show up unexpectedly, you will be asked to leave. No matter if your visit is for an afternoon, an overnight, a weekend, or even longer—come be a part of our life. For an afternoon visit, we do request a donation according to your heart, to help us continue to provide this place for all the people. For overnights, we charge $ 15 per day, per adult over 15 and. $7.50 for children, to help cover expenses. There are many costs involved in the running and maintenance of this community. These costs are directly influenced by the number of visitors that we have. When you visit we take time out of our work day to give you a walk about, talk to you about what we are doing, about our way of life, the running of the farm, and of course we will show you the wonderful and special animal, plant, water, and stone people that we share this land with. For those wishing to stay for an extended time (more than 3 nights) to explore living in community with us, or just to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the country, we are willing to negotiate 50 percent of the daily donation in exchange for your regular work and help around the farm. There is no free lunch for anyone! We ask you to remember this and come expecting to contribute your fair share. If our stating this bothers you... you are not alone! It bothers us to have to say this. We want you to come here only if you have a firm understanding of respect for your brothers and sisters and a solid understanding of your responsibility to provide for yourself and contribute your energy to all with whom you will live and share your daily life. Each person contributes food and helps to prepare common meals. All residents and guests are expected to clean up after themselves and help maintain the common areas. Nature’s Pace Sanctuary is a working farm and all are expected to contribute to the whole. We have a community booklet/manual available for those who are serious about visiting and spending some time here in our community. This contains information covering most aspects of life here at Nature’s Pace. Persons who are making definite arrangements to come and visit will be provided with this information. Please call ahead if you would like to visit and make arrangements so that we will know to expect you and so you may be welcomed properly. Lastly, the most important expectation we will have of you as a visitor is your respectful and purposeful participation in the spiritual life of this community. Our spirituality is an integral part of our life and existence. As a community, we share together in regular, seasonal celebrations and ceremonies. These celebrations and ceremonies beat out the sound of our hearts together in unity and purpose. All are expected to share in these things together with us. We look forward to those special persons who are called by Creator to live and work with and within our Community. Please do not plan to visit if this is not the spiritual path for you!

Network Affiliations:
Fellowship for Intentional Community
:: Ozark Intentional Communities Network
Statement of Housing Non-discrimination:
Our community is a legally sanctioned church or religious organization and living in our community is restricted to members of that religion as allowed by law. Our religion does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin. Housing in our community is non-commercial (i.e. not intended to make a profit).

Our community does not discriminate in regards to housing based on race/color, national origin, religion, sex/gender, family status (i.e. having children, not having children, or being pregnant), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, source of income, age, creed, personal appearance, political affiliation, HIV infection, military/veteran status, unfavorable military discharge, gender identity or expression, receiving public assistance, or being the victim of domestic abuse.

Housing in our community is incidental to employment and therefore fair housing laws do not apply (though employment discrimination laws may).

Members(adults and children):
Non-member Residents:
Open to new members:
Decision Making:
By a group of elders or other leaders
(We use informal daily discussions to determine our tasks and goals for the day)
Identified Leader:
(As a Spiritual Community we rely on our Elders for Spiritual Direction)
Leadership Core Group:
(Major decisions are made by a Council of Elders selected from the Guides (Full Members))
Labor and Money
Financial Style:
Partial income sharing
(Some private ownership of assets is permitted.)

Open to Members with Pre-existing Debt:
(Ony if they have a way to make the payments without working off the farm)
Labor Contribution:
(We consider work to be a blessing.)

Join Fee:
(We may charge a fee for the first few months until someone is productive in the Community)
Regular Fees:
(Donations are appreciated)

Land and Buildings
(We are completely surrounded by National Park land, 6 miles from our closest neighbor.)
175 acres (70.8 hectares)
(Extremely remote and surrounded by National Park)
Land Owned By:
The community
Number of Residences:
(We have some wigwams for people with aboriginal skills as well.)
Food, etc.
Percentage of Food Grown:
over 50%
(90% food self reliant. We grow, hunt and forage what we eat.)
Share Community Meals:
2-5 times/week
(Depends upon seasons and personal desires.)

Dietary Choice or Restrictions:
There are some dietary restrictions
(We eat a diet similar to early native peoples from this area.)

Dietary Practice:
(We eat a high protein/high fiber beyond organic diet.)

Alcohol Use:
Used occasionally
(Home made or locally produced only.)

Tobacco Use:
Seldom used
(Pipe Carriers are permitted to smoke during Ceremony)
Social Factors
Common Spiritual Practices:
(Primarily aboriginal beliefs and Ceremony but we practice respect for all paths.)
Which Spiritual Traditions(s):
Native American
:: Eclectic (integrates pieces from many religions)
(Universal Spirituality with strong AmerIndian beliefs and practices.)

Educational Style(s):
Home schooling
(If we have enough children a schooling program will be considered.)