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Long time listener from nearby
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2010, 03:16:51 AM »
This is Ozarkette. I've spent my life since age 13 with one foot in Shannon/Dent County and one in St. Louis, ever since I went to Alley Spring as a kid and drank the water. I actually had a friend who lived in Hartshorn for about 5 years, down a gravel road, across two creeks, where he worked as a caretaker for a country place-- one day we visited him, and noted there were horses hitched in front of the post office in town--well, one has to get to town somehow, no?  I've only listened today, but your music is very normal to me, as one set of grandparents were scratch farmers on 3 acres with cows, chickens, geese, rabbit-hunting beagles, assorted cats, garden, grapes, name it, recycling by feeding the table scraps to the chickens to be eaten, who fertilized the grapes which grew to make the wine and jelly and the leavings of which ended up in back in the chicken yard; and the other set were confirmed city dwellers who didn't even have a car into the 1980s.

I stumbled on a reference to the radio station yesterday in the Current Wave, and  took a listen today. When I heard someone singing "The Cremation of Sam McGee" followed by Marty Robbins, The Far side Banks of Jordan, Rainbow Stew and "Loving Her was Easier," I bookmarked the station...I'm something of a writer/poet and scientist...I'm not selling or collecting anything but, my website, has about all normal folks want or need to know about the geology of my home state or large springs of Missouri, and it's all out there for free-- also my real identity. But I'm not here to brag...I'm here to listen.

"They played both kinds of AND western." Wheeee!