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Q & A WITH SWIFTKICK and Donna the barefoot DJ
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Well hey there folks looks like another time for a fine interview. This time we're hearing from Sean McCormick of Swiftkick. I got to see them perform in West Plains, MO at HOBA park, the home for bluegrass in that area, and you could tell from the audience that they were having a ball. Sean introduces us to the musicians that make up the group, gives a couple recording tips and let's us in on what's coming up next for him and the band. Enjoy!

Q: Okay, so KWBC.FM listeners are starting to get familiar with your music, how's about some introductions to the members of the band?

A: The banjo player, Steve Markley, lives in Willow Springs.  Hes the former owner of the Little Yeoman Brewery out of Willow Springs.  He has played with many bands, including Lost River and Split Rail.  Hes a hard driving banjo player, and also plays bass, and is an all around great guy.  Steve also sings lead and harmony, and does a great job.

The mandolin player is Junior Bunch and he also lives in Willow Springs.  Hes played with numerous bands around the area including New River Grass and Lost River.  Junior also plays fiddle, sings lead and harmony vocals, and is a key member of the group.

Dwayne Moody plays bass and lives in West Plains.  Dwayne has played for many of the groups around the area, and is a great bass player.

And last but not least, Im Sean McCormick.  I play guitar with the group, but I also play banjo, mandolin and bass.  Ive played with groups out of Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and Texas.  I also do some songwriting, and have recorded original songs on a couple of projects, Alive and Kicking! being one of them.

Q: And maybe you could tell us a little bit about the recording process you went through on your latest CD. I'm meeting a number of bands that are considering making their first CD, any words of advice?

A: I would tell them dont rush the recording process.  You cant go into the studio in one day and expect to come out with a finished product you can be proud of.  Also, have your material practiced and ready to go.  For some this may seem like obvious advice, but going into the studio with brand new material youve barely practiced wastes a lot of valuable time for you AND the person whos recording you.

Getting back to your question about the recording process we used.  We went in and recorded each part separately.  That allowed us to go back and fix any mistakes we might have made, easily.

Q: I noticed your dedication on your CD to Jack McCormick, seems like he must have been a pretty special fellow?

A: Jack was definitely a special man.  He was my uncle, and the original bass player for Swiftkick.  He also played in many bluegrass groups around the area, and was greatly loved.  He passed away suddenly this past year, and is sorely missed.  He was a incredible bass player, and a great man.

Q: And for those folks in our surrounding area, or who might be vacationing here, where can our listeners go to see you play?

A: Well, right now the bluegrass season is winding down, but well be playing a few places.  One of which is Plummers, a small restaurant located close to Willow Springs and Mtn. Grove, Missouri.

Q: Can we expect more original compositions on future CD's?

A: I have been doing some writing, and weve been working on a few of the newer songs Ive written, so yes, you can expect more original material on future CDs.

Well there you have it folks and inside look at one of the newer groups that we're playing on KWBC.FM. We mix their music into our regular playlist and then have a special feature on Saturdays. From 6am til Noon is our bluegrass show, and now we've added something extra special, a whole hour of Midwest U.S. Bluegrass! From 10-11 it's all the music we've acquired from musicians in Missouri and the surrounding states. We love offering independent musicians a place for their music to be heard and at KWBC.FM we broadcast to the world and the world is listening! Cheers, Donna, the barefoot DJ

Tune in to KWBC.FM and listen for tracks from Swiftkick's lastest CD Alive and Kicking!