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Every once in a while here at KWBC.FM a little bit of magic comes through the post. Sometimes from across the sea. The most recent bit was from songwriter and guitarist Nash Hill. He wrote us a very informative letter and directed us to his website for even more bits about him. He was born in London, and like a lot of musicians a gift of a guitar from a relative got things started. His songwriting started in his teenage years and has continued on with his "vivid imagination and real experiences" guiding the way. We were delighted that he was up for an interview and we hope you enjoy his insights into the making of his CD NOW WATCH ME DISAPPEAR!

Q: First off, we'd love to hear how you found KWBC?

Well, here's the thing, I was trawlin' the country music stations with a view to sending my album to the stations I thought would maybe play my music when I came across KWBC.FM and I just kept listening all afternoon. Thinkin' about it now and havin' listened most days since, I really like the "feel" of the station. It's difficult to explain but regular listeners will know what I mean, KWBC.FM has a special something and I haven't worked out what it is yet so I will carry on visiting my favorite country music station 'till I discover what makes KWBC.FM the best.

Q: Second, thanks for blessing us with Now Watch Us Disappear! It truly is a remarkable CD.  We have tons of UK listeners and are always hoping to get more music from there. You mention that putting together the CD has been a two year process, must have been quite the ride!

Thanks so much they are very kind words and thanks for giving me this opportunity to answer your questions.

I wrote the songs with a friend, Suzy Bowley, a few years ago. I have always written music and kept it to myself, but these songs were somehow special to me for various reasons and as a collection of songs I thought they "fitted" together really well. As a guitarist, who loves the melody line of a good tune, I know how hard it is to get lyrics to compliment a decent melody. I would mostly get the first verse (and part of the second) and a maybe the chorus sorted but get stuck and sometimes lose interest in the song. But workin' with other writers gives you that extra spark to complete the songs and you get inspired somehow. I would like to thank Suzy, she is great to write with (as are my other co-writers) and as you have or will hear she is a great singer.

Q: We noticed! Tell us a little about the wonderful voices and musicians on the CD, seems quite the eclectic group.

As you have heard Suzy is great. We were introduced to each other by a mutual, Bass playing, friend. She liked the way I played guitar and I loved the way she sang (there's a song there somewhere) and we got together.

Jenny and I have gigged for ages, me strumming my guitar and her singin' like only she can sing. Her husband, Marcus, played Hammond organ in one of the bands I played in. She is truly amazing, not only her voice but her phrasing and her understanding of what the songs are about. When I heard her sing Two Steps for the first time a tear came to my eye, she adds something to every songs she sings.

Bethany, well Bethany has great energy and we love her to bits. The vibrato in her voice sends shivers down my spine. We played acoustic gigs together years ago doing covers of old tunes that I had rearranged.  She is bubbly and technically correct but sings with freedom and passion, a rare singer indeed.

Musicians: I play the majority of the guitar parts, Nick Ward (nephew) drums on all the tracks but one, my lil' brother Joe plays on the other one. My two sisters Salena and Maggie sing backing vocals on a track.Pete Chilton plays Bass guitar and has been an amazing help and support throughout. Other musicians were either recommended by my producer Mark or Pete the Bass.
I am always taken aback by the skill, understanding and helpfulness of true musicians and vocalists. They do their thing for the good of the song and not for their own praise.
GOOD IDEA:  Buy the CD for a full list of "who played what". www.nashleigh-hill.com

Q: You crossover into a couple genres that we play so I've had some fun with the tracks we've been playing. I used Two Step as a lead in to a segment of Western & Cowboy music. Granted it's not about doing the two step but it has a nice country feel and the same longing you sense in a lot of Cowboy songs.

For me Country music has something no other music has, except maybe old Blues music. There is a soulfulness about it that even so called Soul music doesn't have. It's real somehow, again I can't explain it. I will stick to writing it and you can analyze the why's and wherefore's.

Songs like It's The Heart and Woman In Love (I tried to write a song from a woman's point view, let me know if I've managed it or not) come from a different part of my musical brain. I think they are more what "they" call Americana, but country fans will enjoy 'em I am sure. Check 'em out.

Q: Can't Fight No More should make folks stop and listen. Reminds me of an Iris DeMent(Quality Time) or John Prine(Unwed Fathers) type of song. That one must have either come in a rush or had you wringing your hands?

Thanks again Donna. I admire both these fantastic artists. Can't Fight No More is a great example of the soulfulness in Country music. When I went into the studio I was clear that I wanted Suzy to sing this song. You can hear the pain, emotion and soulfulness in her voice. It's not your usual tune. It has chord changes were chord changes shouldn't be and the timing is what I call "loose". BUT you Ladies out there will identify with the words of the song, even if you haven't been through it. It's a hard song to play and listen to, but hey no one said it was goin' to be easy.

Q: So what's up next? Will the Now Watch Me Disappear singers and band appear in concert anywhere? Can we expect to see concert dates on the forum calendar? Or is it back to your songwriting nook?

You're not the first to ask this question and the answer is that I am coming from a Song Writing place at the moment, so gigging the album, although not completely out of the question, will not happen just yet. In fact I was approached just the other day to gig the album at the famous 100 Club in London. So anything could happen. I have been writing and co-writing, probably the most interesting songs of my life (so far) lately and Pete the Bass is constantly on at me to "get my arse in gear" and get out there. I will post any dates on KWBC.FM and www.nashleigh-hill.com if I change my mind.


Thanks for your support and love.             Now Watch Me Disappear.


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