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Folk Update: SONG BIRD: Linda Stoffel
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2012, 02:44:55 AM »
Linda Stoffel

Linda landed in the Ozarks in 1998 via a very circuitous route which started in Quincy, Massachusetts (where she was born), then moving and living in many of the eastern states, dropping her off for a while in Raleigh, North Carolina.  ”We were living in a time of folk music revival and creation, with such greats as Pete Seeger; Peter, Paul and Mary; Arlo Guthrie; Joan Biaz, Joni Mitchell, and EmmyLou Harris” all of whom influenced my tastes in music.”

For several years in the early 80′s she delighted audiences with her soprano harmonies and rhythm guitar in the acoustic duo turned trio of “Kirby’s Dilemma,” a country/folk, rock, bluegrass, and original music band. The group was inspired by all genre of music. “We weren’t afraid to try anything – even the Rolling Stones.”

In 1994 she moved to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia and spent many an eve just as the scene in Winter’s Bone depicts, singing, learning and playing all styles of music. There in addition to music she immersed herself in a career of bodywork.  She became certified in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (a body/mind therapy) and Massage Therapy.

Finally, in 1998 she moved to the Ozarks where she connected with Marideth Sisco to create a 4 piece woman’s band called Coyote, which disbanded with one of the women moving from the area.  Again in 2005 she reconnected with Marideth and added her voice to the Davis Creek Rounders, a group located in West Plains, Missouri.  Known for their diverse abilities and extensive knowledge of old-time and folk music the Davis Creek Rounders are in demand for local fairs and events. In the last year Linda also became a member of the Blackberry Winter Band, some of the songs which are in the movie, Winter’s Bone.

Now, Linda has released her first solo CD:  Song Bird.  You'll find 13 great songs in classic folk tradition.  All of the songs on Song Bird are available as MP3 downloads from KWBC.FM Internet Radio.  You can also listen to Linda's music on KWBC's Sunday Morning Folk Show Dibs & Dabs.