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All About Composting
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2012, 05:20:18 AM »
Composting Cover
 Bob's Basics:  Composting
 This is an excellent book contained in a sturdy hard cover binding and contains many helpful full color photographs and illustrations.  One of Britain’s most well known organic gardeners shares his tips, tricks, and timeless wisdom on fruitful gardening without dangerous chemicals and pesticides. The best fertilizer for your organic garden is compost. It’s easy to make, economically friendly, and teeming with nutrients. In this highly useful installment of his Bob’s Basics series, Bob Flowerdew takes you through all the steps necessary to make a rich compost pile best suited to your needs. Composting is a highly comprehensive guide that goes over all the steps, from building a bin to collecting material to maintaining and adding to the finished product. Bob Flowerdew has gardened organically for over thirty years and is a regular panelist on the BBC Radio R’s Gardener’s Question Time. In addition to this series, he is the author of six other books on organic gardening. He lives in England. Hard cover, 6x8, 112 pages, $14.95
 Order on-Line from Back 40 Books by Clicking Here: http://www.back40books.com/i/1627/composting.htm
 Or call toll-free to 966.596.9982 to Order by Phone. Back 40 Books accepts All Major Credit Cards and PayPal. Free shipping on orders of $25.00 or more
 Composting Item#: 9781616085919 By: Skyhorse Publishing