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Michelle Turley: What a Voice for Traditional Country!!
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Michelle Turley is originally from Deming, New Mexico, and grew up on a ranch where country music was a huge part of her life. Both her mother and father were musicians. Her father leading a band called “The Playboys” and her mother was an accomplished pianist and vocalist. They were a large part of Michelle musical influences throughout her childhood. Michelle spent her teen years in Phoenix and later became a top international fashion model for the Ford Agency in New York. Her many clients included, Valentino, Armani, Versace and Donna Karan.
Throughout her modeling career, Michelle continued to write and record music.

In 2007, Michelle's brother CF decided to pull his sister back into the studio to produce a full album consisting of 14 original tracks. The tracks feature a star studded line up of musicians from bands such as Kenny Chesney, Martina Mcbride, Linda Ronstadt and Larry Gatlin. The result is the current release on Victorio Records entitled 'Michelle Turley' 'Dance with me Tonight'. The album and Michelle's Vocal abilities has been met with critical acclaim.

In June of 2009, Victorio Records released the first single from the album entitled 'Hard Times', written by Michelle and her brother CF. After only 4 weeks of promotion, over 400 stations nationwide were spinning the track. 'Hard Times' shot up the Country Music Weekly Chart topping out at #22. 'Hard Times' topped the Indie World Country Chart at #1, giving Michelle her first penned #1 record of her music career. A video for the hit single accompanied the promotion campaign for 'Hard Times' and was produced by CF. The video is featured on YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video.

A second single from the album 'Dance with me Tonight 'entitled 'Caroline' was released in January of 2010 and reached the #11 position on the New Music Weekly Chart and another #1 smash hit on Indie World Country. Publications such as Country Music Weekly, The Country Music Associations bi-monthly publications profile artist spotlight helped achieve a second number one for Michelle. A music video for the track 'Caroline' has been produced by CF and is currently available on YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video and is being used for promotional purposes.

The official release of the album 'Michelle Turley' 'Dance with me Tonight' brought several rave reviews.

Billboard and Country Music Weekly writer Neil Haislop saying "Its unusual for a younger female artist to go for a very traditional country singing style, harking back to the Divas of the 60's and early 70's. But, that's what Michelle Turley has achieved with the release of her new album 'Dance with me Tonight'. Michelle has definitely channeled Kittie, Wanda, Loretta, Tammy etc.....while putting her own stamp on each vocal of the CD"

Thank you for the Music writer and contributor Glenda Paradee saying "These songs from Michelle are true traditional country music. She has a great voice. She must have strong family roots as it shows in her music and songs. Go out and get this album and listen to it over and over!"

The Country Music Associations bi-monthly publication saying "Dance with me Tonight establishes Michelle Turley's country creed. There is a boot-scoot, honky-tonk vibe on the up tempo tunes while her ballads recall something of Tammy Wynette's wounded eloquence and on the boyante 'Now I Know' the confectionary appeal of Olivia Newton John."

Michelle's release of her second CD 'Lovely In Blue' will be released April of 2012. She has already had success with her first single release 'My X Husband' which topped the New Music Weekly Chart at #8 and another #1 smash hit on Indie World Country. Michelle's second release single 'Orange Blossoms In Phoenix' is currently climbing the charts and seeking international attention with radio stations such as BBC International spinning her.

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