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More About Nature's Pace Sanctuary
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About our Community and Our Founders

Back40Books is operated by Back 40 Group, Inc., and is based at Nature’s Pace Sanctuary in Hartshorn,Missouri. Nature's Pace Sanctuary is an income-sharing ecumenical religious community practicing universal spirituality and believing that God, the Spirit-That-Moves-Through-All Things,  (The Great Spirit) and the laws and forces of Nature are One.  The community was founded in 1995 by Herman Beck and Linda Lee who presently serve as Elders. In addition to Back40Books, The Community operates the 175 acre Nature’s Pace Farm and Spiritual Retreat Center which is located within the OzarkScenic Riverways National Park in Southern Missouri’sOzark Mountains.  We reside in a quiet, secluded valley surrounded by nearly 200,000 acres of park and conservation land and are nearly 8 miles from our nearest neighbor.

We live a dual lifestyle wherein we live very basic personal lives limiting the use of modern conveniences (our personal housing ranges from small cabins lit with oil lamps and heated with wood, to aboriginal-type wigwams) and yet use state-of-the-art office and web technology in our business.  For example, we are able to operate this web store due to the modern miracles of satellites and computers, yet we limit the use of commercial radio and TV and we produce or forage nearly all of our own food.

Our Community also provides staffing for Resilience, a member supported, non-profit group with interests in self-reliant living, sustainable agriculture and Antique Native American Ways of living in tune with Nature. We also operate the Resilience Research Farm which does plant breeding and systems development for farmers practicing sustainable agriculture and an internet radio station featuring Traditional Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Western Swing music.   

KWBC.FM Internet Radio Player:

Nature’s Pace Sanctuary is actively seeking new members.  For more information give us a call at 573.858.3559, E-Mail us , or drop us a line via snail-mail at Nature’s Pace Sanctuary, Hartshorn,MO65479.  When querying us please share as much about yourself, your skills and your dreams as possible.