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Invest In A Super-Group for the Price of an Album!
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2012, 05:26:10 AM »
Invest In A Super-Group for the Price of an Album!
 The Western Swing Authority Looks To Fans at Pledgemusic.com

Canadian western swing super-group The Western Swing Authority enjoyed  international success when their self-titled debut album went to radio around the world in 2010.
Now they’re looking to their fans to help fund their second album through music funding website, pledgemusic.com.  
According to WSA founder Shane Guse,”By using pledgemusic.com our fans are essentially funding the production of our album by pre-buying it. Producing an album is expensive, but by breaking the funding down into small pieces that everyone can afford we can offer some pretty cool things.”  
The bigger the pledge, the greater the reward! For example, a $25 pledge gets a signed CD.  $40 gets a hand-written lyric sheet.  For a $150 donation, a donor gets their name in the album credits.  A donor could even pledge enough money to get a private, living-room concert!  There’s only one hitch:  all the money raised goes to recording, producing and promotion of the album—and it’s all or nothing, so the band must reach their goal to get the money, otherwise it goes back to the pledgers.  And there’s less than 90 days to make it happen.
The Western Swing Authority recently underwent a small line-up change, replacing Charlie St. Denis on drums with Craig Bignell, who previously played with artists like John Cowan, Vassar Clements and Sam Bush. The band has a regular, twice monthly gig at The Commercial Tavern in Maryhill, Ontario, Canada—and is making a special appearance at The Lyric Theater in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Saturday March 10th.  
Make a pledge to The Western Swing Authority and fund their new album at www.pledgemusic.com/projects/westernswingauthority

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Find out more about the Western Swing Authority at www.thewesternswingauthority.com

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