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My Heart is Red
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2008, 12:32:43 PM »
My Heart is Red
(for those who would judge another's path)
My heart is red, my skin is pale;
I cannot change this.

You judge me by ancestors whose footsteps I do not follow;
you say my hands are covered with blood that I did not shed.

I would shoulder your burden, but you will not let me;
I would walk beside you, but you walk away from me.

My words of friendship return to me empty
or float on the wind for you will not hear them.

I was not born to the People, and I came to the red path late,
but I revere the ways and I hear the words of the elders.

When I smoke the pipe, my smoke rises as yours does
until the hawk carries it to the Creator.

When I sit in the sweat lodge, my sweat returns to our Mother,
my prayers rise to the Creator, my vision brings me understanding.

When I dance in the circle, I hear the heartbeat of the People;
my feet tread softly where the old ones walked.

If you will teach me, I would learn more;
we are all related, we are all connected.

My skin is pale, my heart is red;
You cannot change this.

--Pathfinder, 2000