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Re: Which Are You?
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I feel it depends a great deal on what we are calling tolerance and understanding.

The tolerance and understanding of our ancestors was much different than what is being called a politically correct tolerance of today. In today's New Tolerance I see much intolerance. Hatred of the old ways, hatred of any idea that is different from theirs, taking away of the right to hold fast to what we perceive as truth. 

Tue tolerance has always said, I may not agree with you, but I will  listen to what you have to way and grant you the right to believe your truth. It let two people who did not see things the same to dialogue back and forth and sometimes even debate. It did not demand that you must say I am right when you feel in your heart that what I am saying is not right.  That type of tolerance would have kept slavery alive and well forever. It would have allowed the continuing holocaust without end.

I long for the return of true tolerance, where ideas could be exchanged, but at some point, people could know right from wrong and harmful ways could be stopped.

If no one ever challenged my thinking, I would never really have anyway of judging the strength of my beliefs.  All ideas are not equal - some are better for all mankind than others, but without dialogue and debate, respectful debate, we can never bring ideas out into the light and examine them and turn them over to see all sides.

There were men in years past who believed it was a good thing to shoot thousands of buffalo and leave the carcasses to rot, harvesting only certain parts for profit.  That idea was not good for all. In the larger picture, it was wrong for all creatures, not just the buffalo.

Today, there are ideas being put forth that are not good for all creation. If we can not bring them out into the open and dialogue about them, we will never be able to see the true light. If certain people are hushed, if they are ridiculed and silenced, how will we ever be able to see which ideas are true and stand the test?
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Re: Which Are You?
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I want, strive, to be the second, but all too often, find myself as the first.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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Which Are You?
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Which Are You?

The narrowest of minds
Looking upon the world through their own eyes only
The noisiest, those who have yet to learn to listen
The most condescending are those full of anger and opinion
Those who have yet to learn how to respect one another

The most tolerant, are the ones seeing through many eyes
Seeing and taking time to understand
Listening to learn and better comprehend
And above all, respecting all as equal and deserving

Which are you?

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre April 28, 2009