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Long Time Past
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Long Time Past

By BlackRiverWolf

Close your eyes. Let your mind drift back four hundred years when things were peaceful. The forests were full of animals and the birds would darken the sky, a time when Nature and man were in tune, when there was harmony and balance.

The old elder stepped from the long house and looked around. Spring was coming, but he could feel winter still in his bones. It had been a long hard winter, and it seemed like there had been more snow then usual. Now that it was spring the tribe would soon move to the coast for the summer to fish and dig clams to smoke for the winter that would follow. The old man looked to the place of the rising sun. As he said his morning prayers to the Great Spirit the old medicine man raised his arms to the sky giving thanks for all the tribe had been given and asking forgiveness for any wrongs the people had done. TalksWithSpirits was the old manís name.  After he finished his prayer he went looking for breakfast. His belly was telling him it was time. TalksWithSpiri tsís wife had passed away 3 snows ago so the old man lived in the long house with his son and his family.

The Mic-Mac had lived in these longhouses since time began. The longhouse could hold all the clan, and in the winter it was warmer. Each group had its own cook fires and space. The men hunted when they could, and the women did the cooking and made the clothes and foot wear.

Soon it would be time to plant the summer garden. They would plant squash, corn, and beans. It was now May, and the squash beans and corn had been planted. The fence had been put up to keep most of the animals out. Before long the planting would be left for the summer while the tribe would head to the shore for the summer. Soon everyone would be busy packing and the loading the dog travoisís for the journey to the sea. They were going to join up with the Passamaquoddy at the bay of many islands for the summer. The bay was the place where they would set up small shelters, make drying racks for the salmon and haddock. There was a lot of work to do because the summer was spent stocking food for the winter.

The old man eased his way into the longhouse entrance. The place was getting smoky from the co oking fires the women were using. The old man wandered over to his familyís fire where his daughter-in-law, TalkingMoon, was busy cooking.  She handed him a bowl of stew left over from the night before. It was hot, and TalkingMoon also handed him a large piece of flat bread with fat on it. As he blew on his stew, he thought of how his wife used to fix him flat bread with bear fat and wild onions. He shook his head. Those days were gone,and now it would not be too many winters before he also crossed over. Then they would be together again. A smile crossed his lips at this thought.
After finishing his stew the old man reached for his bow. Soon there would be ceremonies to perform. He had not been very busy this past winter. The people had been pretty healthy, and, after the harvest ceremony and the mid winter ceremony, it had been quiet. He would go hunting with the men this morning while he still had time.

"There were no vehicles of any kind.  Nobody went rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off.  There was just the wind in the trees, people working to live, children playing games that teach them how to live as one with one another.  Prayers were said all day thanking the spirit of one thing or another for providing food or comfort.  Nothing was taken or killed that was not needed, and everything that was taken was used.  People lived in harmony and spirit with the land."
From: BlackRiverWolf

PaWaTa Stories that i write and place in this room are for family to enjoy they are things that are in my head or come to me in dreams.; if you want to use them for teaching purposes you are welcome to do so.

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