Author Topic: Made in Detroit: Rustbelt Country: Americana at its best!  (Read 916 times)

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Made in Detroit: Rustbelt Country: Americana at its best!
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2013, 03:03:30 AM »
Made in Detroit: Rustbelt Country . . . Americana at its best!

Steve Scott Country is Detroitís premiere Americana sound. Their dynamic new release, Those Tears Iíve Cried (2013), encompasses many of the sounds that make Detroit great: driving Blues, pounding Rock and soulful Country. Steve Scott recently stated in an interview that ďRadio has inspired  [musically] everything I do in my life.Ē Steve unabashedly writes radio ready hits that cleverly interweave classic pop/rock arrangements and rhythm sections, with traditional Bluegrass instrumentation. A sound he and his band like to call Blue-Rock-Country. This sound is exemplified by popular tunes like: Hide & Seek, Thoughts on Fire, Those Tears and Geronimo. Track 1, I Think About You, is a lively straight-up Top-40 hit waiting to happen!

Those Tears Iíve Cried, the record, is put together the way classic albums always have been: great songs from beginning to end; tunes that are varied, vibrant and belong together Ė a masterwork where each track guides the listener on a journey thatís complete. Steveís creative genius is melding different styles and epochs of music that produce a fresh take on todayís country. For example, Lorra has a unique Ď60s kick-ass groove that even Hendrix would dig.

On the other hand, Halo is a brilliantly simple down-home traditional porch-swing classic. Tequilarama is an uplifting fun-in-the-sun; toes-in-the-sand, cowboy fantasy. The track is a creative tour-de-force that merges a full Mariachi sound with a kickback county vibe thatís topped off with a captivating pop/rock arrangement Ė Itís simply an awesome track!

ďTequilarama is a hit!Ē Al Sutton. Rustbelt Studiosí Al Sutton (famed producer and engineer of Kid Rockís Double Platinum mega smash hit Devil Without a Cause) exceptionally engineered all of the tracks on Steve Scott Countryís epic new release: Those Tears Iíve Cried.

This album includes some of the best musicians in Detroit: Gia Warner (Background Vocalist) has shared the stage with the likes of Brian Adams, Steve Miller, and Martha Reeves - opening for Detroitís own, the great, Bob Seger. Todd Glass (Drummer/Percussionist) has performed nationwide on TV and Radio
and toured live with Kid Rock. John Lang (Pedal Steel/Dobro) has been nominated for Outstanding Country Instrumentalist - Detroit Music Awards. David Mosher (Fiddle, Mando, Banjo and Vocals) has been nominated for Outstanding Folk/Acoustic Instrumentation - Detroit Music Awards. Rob Crozier (Bassist extraordinaire) has extensive experience in studio recording, live performance, and, is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in music studies.