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How to Heal
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How To Heal
August 4, 2008
by Jeffrey Pierce

Back in the early 1990s, I was enrolled in a correspondence course where I learned how to heal people holistically through the use of herbs and herbal remedies.  It was a good course, a little slow for my taste, but it built a strong foundation for work as a healer, a path that I had been called to years before.  It was through that course that I met Nukah, the Mi'kmaq medicine woman who guided me on my path to becoming a shaman.  Nukah saw from the very beginning that I was called to be a healer and our lessons together often turned to that path, tying various techniques and principles into approaches to healing.  In fact, as we focused on my path as a healer, I wasn't allowed to move forward in my training until I had come down with an illness and healed it myself, using the principles that Nukah had offered to me.  (I ended up curing bronchitis in a matter of minutes based on techniques that I would discover, years later, predated some schools of modern herbalism.)

I was in the middle of my training with Nukah when I found myself in the Dreamtime, riding on the back of a bus that hurtled through the American Southwest in the dead of night.  As I sat in my seat, considering the path before me, all of the other passengers jumped up.  "Look!" they called as they gathered around the windows.  "A wolf!"  I couldn't see through the press of bodies, but as the bus raced down the hallway, I turned, looking back to where the wolf still stood, gazing deeply into its eyes.  "You will follow my path," it said to me as it met my gaze.  And I woke up.

Many of you know that Wolf is often associated with the path of a spiritual teacher.  Not only did I find myself walking that path, but I've continued to embrace it for more than a decade.

In addition to that, I've found myself walking the path of a healer.  People are being healed, both from physical and psychological challenges, and other teachers and healers are beginning to refer people my way, mostly because of the speed with which people are healed and the dramatic results we're seeing.

And that, my dear friends, is incredibly humbling.

I don't have a shred of ego where any of this is concerned.  In fact, the only reason why I'm mentioning this to any of you is because you're family.  Many of us have walked this road together for more than eleven years, dating back to the very first issue of Old Ways.  If I'm going to share these experiences with anyone, each and every one of you are definitely at the very center of my spiritual circle.

So here's the scoop.

When Bri and I first began this path together, I assumed that we were starting this quaint little holistic healing practice.  My role, as I envisioned it, would be offering shamanic guidance to folks.  It's something that I've done for years and a modality that I'm very comfortable embracing.  What we fail to consider in Western society is that our healing is intimately tied into our spirit and our energy.  They are always connected.  Shamanic guidance essentially counsels folks to reach those energy points, offers the compassion and guidance necessary to release them, and then, presto change-o, they're healed.

It's really that simple.  Almost anything that you're experiencing is tied into your growth and can literally be dealt with instantly if you're open to the healing process and in a space where you're capable of letting it go.  And if you're not there, well, I can generally guide you to that place if you're willing to let me walk by your side.

And then, people started noticing results.

Most of you know that I've cured cancer in myself (twice), knitted together a shredded ACL in a matter of days, and had numerous other "miraculous" healings.  As odd as it may sound, when you're the one that's being healed, it's pretty easy to explain away.  Friends tease that I'm not entirely human, that I must have "alien DNA" in me.  We joke that I'm actually just benefiting from my "Cosmic Health Insurance Plan."  Such things are laughed at and quickly forgotten - until someone shows up on your doorstep asking to be healed.

You've watched as I've been led around the country, burying a fossilized dog bone here, performing a funeral for a grove of clearcut awakened trees there.  On our honeymoon, Bri and I even navigated solely on faith, pointing our beloved car toward Arizona and simply following the lead of Spirit, gifted with a night alone as we camped on the rim of the Grand Canyon without another soul in sight.  It's the same faith and humble willingness to be guided and serve that we're relying on now.

Now that we've established that this is all about faith, the question can be asked, "What exactly is involved in healing someone?"

You Start With You

I'm not sure what rules apply to the rest of the healing community, but healing someone has absolutely nothing to do with me, my skills, or my abilities.  My challenge is to remove every shred of ego and self from the equation.  Bri has been instrumental to me reaching that point in my growth and there are a handful of other friends and family who have taken on the role of teachers in order to guide me to that place, an investment of time and energy for which I'm eternally grateful.

The litmus test for the right space is actually pretty simple.  If I'm responding emotionally - in either a positive or negative manner - to someone, then my ego and self are still involved.  Using the same tools and techniques that I use in shamanic guidance, I delve into my psyche and address those points.  It's been happening so rapidly that Bri and I joke that it's the "Chainsaw Approach to Spiritual Growth."  If I come up against something, I jump into my own psyche and start cutting like crazy.  Without exception, the last few months have been the most intense personal and spiritual growth and transformation that I've ever experienced - by a very large margin.

The reason is simple.  Healing, like everything else we can experience, is energetically based.  We've considered the concept numerous times that we're spiritual beings experiencing reality from a physical perspective and that we manifest our own reality.  With this truth tucked into our belts, it's merely a matter of addressing the spirit and the manifestation of reality - both energetic processes.  The key is to think of energy like water.  If you're healing someone, you're going to get wet - and you have to be okay with that, regardless of whether it's an inadvertent splash or they're reacting and pointing a firehose at your face.  That alone, requires a surrendering of ego.

You see, we all have walls and defenses.  Even for the most enlightened of us, those boundaries help to define our reality.  The entirety of reality is simply too big for us to grasp, so we limit its scope and keep its fullness at bay through the use of walls.  Energy can manifest in a number of ways - it can be laughter or tears, pain or pleasure, the list is nearly endless.  The problem comes when we react to a specific form of energy by strengthening our walls.  We think that we're keeping more from coming in, but what we're actually doing is keeping that energy from flowing out again.  The simple answer would be to say that the energy becomes stagnant, ferments, and causes energetic infection.  The more accurate, albeit mystical answer, is that the energy is alive and does not respond well to being trapped within our walls.

The only way to assist a person in lowering those walls is through trust.  Trust can only be created by love.  As a healer, you have to approach those walls and everything that is captured behind them with unconditional love.  What's more is that you need to do so knowing that when those walls come down and all of that comes flowing out, that it's coming out pointed at you.  After all, energy will flow through an open door.  If you're instrumental in opening those walls then, in doing so, you are standing in the opening where the energy will flow.  In that instant, you will be hit with everything that the person lets go.  If you have any ego or self in that equation, you unintentionally hold onto at least a shred of the energy that was just dumped in your lap because you take it personally.  It's absolutely imperative that you reach a place where you can love, accept, and compassionately serve the person and their healing without a shred of you in the way.  Doing so allows the energy to simply flow through you, a perspective offered me by Acarya, one of my guides, that I shared with you some time ago.

And once you're there, then the work begins.

In the Twinkling of an Eye

You have to accept going into a healing that you do not have the answer.  Not some of them, not a handful of them, but that you have absolutely none of the answers that you need to heal a person.  It doesn't matter if they are exhibiting symptoms or traits that you've seen healed ten thousand times.  Every person is different.  And the moment that you think that you can heal them, your ego and self are in the way and you're in for a world of hurt.

So you consciously let go of everything you know.  You remind yourself that you're simply there to serve, that it's not you doing the work, that you are simply a tool.  If you think, "Gosh, I'm the tool of a Higher Power," then your ego is still in the way, because, damn, a Higher Power picked you?  Well, aren't you special?  If you think, "I'm here to be the tool this person will use in their own healing," then your ego is STILL in the way.  After all, they need you to help because you're capable of doing something that they couldn't do on their own?  You are simply an owner-less tool.  A servant without a master.  You are nothing more than an undefined bit of Universal energy, no more distinct than the grass beneath your feet or the chair that you're sitting in.

And if you've done your homework, if you've actually let go of your ego and your sense of self, you find yourself in this indescribable... space.  There's no ego, no self, only beauty, potential, and power.  You aren't greater or less than the grass beneath your feet, for there is no system of measure, no need to quantify anything.  Linear time no longer exists; everything is potential.  You see the person as they are, as they were, as they will be.  You love all of the different states of their being, all of their potential, but each sparks a different response of love within you.  You feel something akin to loving sorrow for what brought them to their current place.  You feel a loving compassion, acceptance, and understanding for where they're at.  And you feel an overwhelming loving joy for their healing, not because it's better or worse than any of their other states, but because they feel joy where its concerned.

It's at that moment that you realize that you've let go of so much of yourself and your own ego that none of the emotion is from you.  It's all the person's emotion.  It's their compassion, their sorrow, their joy - you've just moved to a space where you are simply love and have stepped beyond their boundaries and walls.

And all of this happens in a split second, less than the blink of an eye.

Learning On the Fly

At that moment, one of two things generally happen.  Neither of them are yours to control, you simply have to be open to them.

First, the person heals on the spot.  Their state of being where you felt their joy will come to the forefront and, WHAM!, they're healed.  Just like that.  Depending on how much of their own energy they allowed to open, it can be a complete healing or simply a breakthrough in an area where they've been struggling.  However, it's complete and instantaneous.  There's no clean-up, no going back to pick up stray pieces.  They are simply healed.

Second, you gain a complete understanding of their healing, the challenges before them, and the greater path they walk.  It's not as if a light bulb goes on in your head and you suddenly have insight that you didn't have before.  Imagine that you could suddenly access a portion of your preexisting memories that you couldn't access before that moment.  The understanding, comprehension, and implications of their space are all neatly connected with principle, theory, techniques, and your own perspective from your path.  It doesn't fall into place.  It's simply there.  And that gives you the necessary tools to work with to guide them to the place where they're ready to allow their healing to manifest.

And those tools can run the entire spectrum of human experience.  What you have to understand is that all healing, all experiences, are energetically based.  It doesn't matter if it's a piece of philosophy or a change in diet, a new way of approaching a daily routine or guided meditation, at its core each change manifests a different vibration of energy.  It's like tuning a piano.  Sometimes there's one key out of tune; sometimes they're all a bit off.  A turn clockwise here, two turns counter-clockwise here.  The concept isn't to change the piano into a guitar, but to bring it back into tune so that it's as true to its nature as it is possible for it to be.

What's interesting is even when it's necessary to guide a person to healing, you're simply bringing them to the place where they can experience that healing or breakthrough.  Even when you're given the tools and insight to guide the person to a place of healing, it's still their healing to manifest.

Work, Work, Work

When you agree to be part of a person's healing, you're agreeing to do whatever is needed of you - even when you sleep.

Being a shaman, I do a lot of work in the Dreamtime.  It's not uncommon when I'm working with a client to find myself in the midst of a dream, learning from a wise teacher or guide who is breaking down that day's session, offering me additional insight and teaching me new techniques and philosophy.  We'll look at a healing from angles I never considered, introducing entirely new pieces of philosophy and teaching me new techniques.

There are times when we're consistently covering so much healing-related material in the Dreamtime that there is very little distinction between my waking and dreaming worlds.

There are also times when a client is struggling under the load of the energy that they're carrying that, with their consent, I'll allow them to give it to me and I'll accept it and process it for them.  This is usually the most effective where psychological healing is concerned.  Depression, fear, anxiety, sorrow - they're all simply energy.  They hand it over and, from their perspective, it's simply gone.  It's the same technique that I employ with our two year old when she's fussy.  One moment she'll be screaming; I'll engage with her energy and seconds later the tears are gone and she's calm and peaceful, all of the anxiety forgotten.

And then there is the need to constantly and vigilantly eliminate each and every shred of your own ego and self that appear.  In all honesty, it gets easier as you continue down the path, but the deeper your own growth takes you, the greater the chances are that you're going to have to find something else to address.  It's not that you missed it the first time around, simply that you couldn't see it from where you stood on your path.

Obviously, with the amount of growth that's going on over on this end of the modem, there have been mountains of new insight, philosophy and techniques to teach you.  Remember, healing is simply one way of engaging with energy.  The same techniques work across the board with very little modification, regardless of whether you're working on your own personal growth or deepening your magickal practice.  I'll share everything I know, teach everything I understand, and do my best to answer questions and help you find how to make it all applicable to where you are on your own path.


What I do, whether it's in our holistic healing practice or part of my shamanic path, anyone can do.  I could teach you most of the techniques I employ in the space of a weekend and simply offer you insight and guidance from time to time as you encountered something unfamiliar on your path.  There's no special set of skills that I possess that you can't learn or a place of growth on my path that you couldn't reach.  You can outgrow me.  You can experience more than this, more than anything I've shared.  The magic is yours.  My hope is that by sharing what I have to share, that you'll find a missing piece or two that will help you along your way.


Jeffrey Pierce is a shaman and spiritual teacher who shares a holistic healing practice with his wife, Briana. Combining elements from Eastern, Western, and indigenous beliefs, Jeffrey guides seekers on an empowering path that removes self-imposed boundaries and limitations to embrace the fullness of life and spirituality.http://www.wholehealing.org/