Author Topic: Q & A with singer/songwriter JULIE SUTTON by Donna the barefoot DJ  (Read 1594 times)

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Q & A with singer/songwriter JULIE SUTTON by Donna the barefoot DJ
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2009, 07:42:11 AM »
Well hey there folks! What started out as a phone interview has turned into one for the forum. Technology is wonderful, but sometimes not all goes as planned. I had fun time chatting with Julie and hope that I've been able to capture the essence of our conversation.

I initially thanked Julie for getting in contact with KWBC.FM. I met her friend Alicia Anderson at the Acoustic Festival in Carthage, MO and interviewed her. Alicia told Julie about us when she got back from the festival and Julie immediately sent us some of her music!l We've really been enjoying playing her songs and we're impressed to find out that one of them is even part of a Smithsonian touring exhibit called Between Fences. Be sure to listen to KWBC.FM to catch her contribution to the exhibit called No Ol' Fence, it's one of our favorites.

Q:We begin our interview with Julie by finding out how she got where she is right now with her music.

Julie:I'm a singer/songwriter not necessarily by profession but I've always done that all my life. I've done some writing professionally but it's been kind of silly things, I used to work for Hallmark, so I've written greeting cards and on a freelance basis some different items like gift books and calenders,... a little inspirational poetry, jokes,...that kind of stuff, but really songwriting has been the closest thing to my heart because I've always just loved doing it.So wherever I've been I've done that. I haven't taken any particular career path because I'm not really in a career, I just do it independently. The CDs that I've done have been all original songs that I've recorded because I have them, an I wanted them to be on a CD... and I've funded them all individually, I'm not signed or connected with anybody.

Q: Do you still work for Hallmark?

Julie: No, I've sort of phased out of that because I was homeschooling my boys and the older they got the more time that required of me, and also my husband is an entrepreneur so I help him with his businesses.

Q:In your CDs OPEN ANY DOOR and  EVERY DAY CLOTHES there are a number of different genres all mixed together. Is that because you have a love of a number of different kinds or was it that when you wrote the songs that's just how they came out?

Julie:Yeah, it's more like that's just sort of how they came out. I'm kind of like that with music in general, if I'm trying to find a radio station I don't try to tune into a certain type of music, I just go down the dial and when I find a song that I like I listen to it. And so being that way in my approach to music that just kind of happens in my songwriting as well. Being my first professionally done CD I wrestled with what is the right thing to do, do I pick a certain genre of songs and just do those, or, the more I thought about it I just wanted to put some of my strongest material out there so I picked from all different genres and decided that it was going to be basically just a roller coaster of styles so that it would almost be shocking going from one to the that's why I called it Open Any Door. Because I figured you open whichever door you want and maybe you'll find a nice surprise that you like behind it.

Q:With your EVERY DAY CLOTHES CD your liner notes mention that you wanted it to present the feel of a live intimate concert setting. I thought that was a great idea but wondered how you were going get that kind of feel considering that you didn't record it that way?

Julie: By just keeping the instrumentation pretty simple. On OPEN ANY DOOR we got pretty imaginative with each of the songs. Carter Green who is the engineer, he helped me arrange all the songs, and also is a fantastic musician, so in OPEN ANY DOOR Carter and I just kind of used our imaginations to decide what's the best thing for this song...piano, full orchestra with strings, whatever. Then on the second CD, EVERY DAY CLOTHES, I had been out singing and performing a little more then before, because when you put a CD out there, you want to get out and sell it, of course, so I had been out performing more and the more I performed I decided that this second CD should be indicative of what a person's going to hear when they come to see me. Because it's sort of like truth in advertising. You couldn't listen to OPEN ANY DOOR and expect a replication because of all the instrumentation, so with EVERY DAY CLOTHES it's more simple, it's a lot of just me with my acoustic guitar and just a few other simple things added.

Q: And what kinds of venues do you usually perform at?

Julie: I've never really done anything very houses, open mike and private parties or events that different people have, sometimes they ask me to sing locally. I don't do the Walnut Valley Festival, but a pre-festival. The Walnut Valley Festival or Winfield Festival is something that happens every year that probably a lot of your listeners are familiar with. People come from all over the country, even from all over the world to be here the third weekend in September. And since I live in Winfield I've gotten to perform at their pre-festival what they call their Music Minifest. They let the kids out of school to hear the music and a lot of times they'll get the musicians that are going to be here to perform on stage at the festival, to come and perform for that also, so I've been lucky enough to get in on that too.

Q:You mention Winfield, KS and it sounds like that place must be a total blast. Did you move to Winfield because of the music offerings or did that just happen?

Julie:(Laughing)...No, this was really pretty funny. My husband called me one day from work and they were closing his plant, but they had a plant in Winfield. He called me out of the blue and said look up Winfield, KS on the Internet we might be moving there. So, I just looked it up, I thought it was in the middle of nowhere and then come to find out from my son's Suzuki violin teacher that it's the acoustic capital of I'm just in heaven being out here!


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