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Q & A with THE MILLERS and Donna the barefoot DJ
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The Millers are a super Bluegrass band made up of Joanne, Cliff, Austin and Megan. Wonderful harmonies and onstage fun make for an enthusiastic live performance, but you can also catch that energy when you hear them at KWBC.FM. Joanne somehow managed to slow down long enough to do a short Q & A for us and you can tell this family has a lot going for it. We hope you enjoy the interview and also their fun website.

Q. Where do The Millers' hail from?

Joanne: We are from Springfield, Missouri.

Q. It's always intriguing when my first introduction to a new group is through another musician, and high praise was a definite theme when Corky Dow of The Fabulous BRDs told me I needed to check you folks out. My first visit to your website really set the tone! It's a fun site with interesting tidbits about the family members that make up the band. Looks like you had a good time setting up the site?
Joanne :  Corky has been a great friend of The Millers and even played mandolin with us for a while.  He has been a big encouragement and help!
Unfortunately I am VERY computer illiterate so my husband had to set up the site initally and then I have been able to maintain it since.  I try to keep it as basic and user friendly as possible.  I know when I go to other people's website's I like to see pictures and be able to feel like I can get to know them personally.

Q. I hear about bands doing a lot of juggling to be able to get in practices, and recording sessions can be a logistical nightmare. Seems like that might be a bit easier when you're all in one family, but maybe not?
Joanne :  There are pros & cons to both I guess.  When you are family you can be quite honest with each other and still be able to get along.  It also helps keep our cost down, all travel in one vehicle, one hotel room, etc...  Practice times are getting a little tougher with Austin working and going to college and Megan is now entering volleyball season again (for her 5th year) and the Varsity schedule is crazy, but with living in the same household we can throw in spur of the moment practices when needed.

Q. I also wondered about developing your signature sound since the youngest members may still be growing into their voices?
Joanne :  It has been really fascinating for me to see the kids grow in their abilities.  Probably the most noticable has been Megan since she was just 11 when we started.  Our regular fans have seemed to enjoy watching the kids grow and develop into the musicians & vocalists that they are today.  Megan especially sounds so much younger to me on our 1st cd but yet the family harmony is still there.

Q. Finally, we always like to know what's up next. More concerts, another CD, or is there something else in the wings for The Millers?
Joanne:  We have several shows scheduled for this year still and are already booking festivals for 2010.  Check out our website at for our upcoming shows and any news will be posted there!

And be sure to listen to The Millers on KWBC.FM. We've mixed them into the playlist and during our Saturday morning Bluegrass show from 6a-12noon CST.