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Healthy Eating by the Season
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2014, 06:33:53 AM »
Eat According to the Seasons & the Land

Fall and Winter
Fall or Autumn is a time to enjoy the harvest
and to prepare for the winter months.
Cooler weather brings hunting season,
some which is dried or smoked to save for
winter. Squash, tubers (like potatoes,
yams and carrots), corn, apples and
other fall harvested fruits and vegetables
and nuts (acorns, etc.) are
collected and many are stored for
winter use.

Colder Weather increases the need for heavier
foods such as meat (venison, buffalo),
itís naturally occurring fat (like lard) and
starches found in potatoes, winter squash
and wild rice (and other foods which can be
stored over the winter months). This might
also include dried jerky (pemmican),
dried berries, corn (hominy),
canned goods, etc.

Spring Time
is a time of renewal. Fish, eggs,
fresh shoots (such as horsetail and
cattail sprouts) and tender greens (such as
lambs quarters which is also known as wild
spinach, dandelion, plantain, purslane, mint,
wintergreen, nettles, wood ferns, and
creeping snowberry leaves) help us to
cleanse our systems from the heavy
winter foods.

In the Summer Time we tend to be more active and
need more high energy foods like
berries, nettles and fish. An abundance
of fresh greens and vegetables from
gardens are available now to be enjoyed,
some are canned for winter use. Summer is
not a good time to hunt game because of
ticks, bacteria and itís too warm to hang
the animal. In late summer wild rice is
harvested and prepared for
winter use.

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Eating the foods that
are grown in the soil
and climate that you
live in is very important.
These STAPLE foods provide the
specific nutrients your body needs. The
Creator has given us everything we
need literally within walking distance
from where you live (wild rice, fish, deer,
corn, various greens, and the other traditional
foods mentioned above.) How else
could people have survived without
modern transportation? ... and they did
so for thousands of years.
While citrus and other
tropical fruits may be a
healthy treat for us, their
nutrition is better geared
for those who live in the
regions they are grown in. If the Creator
would have thought we needed bananas
or pineapple or coconut he would have
had them grow here, but they cannot.
This does not mean we cannot ever
enjoy them, they simply should be eaten sparingly.