Author Topic: Wild Moon opportunity in North Carolina, USA  (Read 1003 times)

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Wild Moon opportunity in North Carolina, USA
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 07:33:02 AM »
Hi.  I'd like to forward info about a Wild Moon my friend Matt is organizing in North Carolina.  He's visited the TD, though he never did any of the programs here.  I've hung out with him quite a bit, over the years, and can vouch for his awesomeness.  Let me know if you are interested and have questions.


     I'm writing you-ins to invite you and announce this
        coming falls' month long. come at any time and be involved for
        as long as you would like, though it would be great to have a
        group starting and ending together. t'would be awesome for this
        to be as multifaceted and skilled as possible, kids and elders
        definitely needed. this will be an annual event, so if not this
        year maybe next.


        where: white oak flats, madison county n.c.


        when: hunters moon, 10-22-14 thru 11-22-14


        who: anyone willing, safe, and yearning to co-create a community
        based on ritualized wilderness living.


        what: all hunted/scavenged/gathered diet cooked on a fire
        started by friction living in impromptu structures using hand
        tools of metal, stone, shell, bone, fire, wood, found objects to
        meet our needs as efficiently (calorically speaking of coarse)
        as possible, coming together at least twice daily to share a
        meal and tell stories and share life in a meaningful way.
        inquire and create within. we will all be teachers and learners.
        the things i'm interested in pursuing are tracking, awareness,
        conditioning, knapping and use of stone-tools, napping, hunting,
        trapping, non-verbal methods of communication, primitive living
        skills, bio-remediation and exploration. i can teach basic
        skills but am not interested in making this your normal
        workshop, but being a participant in experimental living.


        cost: free if you bring yer share of food to share. "build our
        larders" is the motto, maybe. i'll have extra food for trade or
        $. food donations welcome. a few weeks before will be a
        "roadkill, nuts are falling camp" for people to work together
        and harvest food for the immersion.


        food: if interested in being involved for the entire month think
        70,000 calories needed, minimum. a five gallon bucket of
        wilderness rices has roughly that. we'll be able to scavenge
        some greens, mushrooms, bulbs and hopefully nuts and fruits.
        dried is better than canned. fat will be the food source most
        needed and difficult to obtain. two of us went thru at least a
        quart of rendered fat a week last fall. our diet was super
        diverse with many complex flavors, we joked that each one of our
        meals would cost fortunes if we were eatting on a white table
        cloth instead of the ground.


        what would you want from something like this?

        thank you. matt hansen


        email me if interested: mhansen17@hotmail.com

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