Author Topic: Sprouting Feed for Chickens?  (Read 1053 times)

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Sprouting Feed for Chickens?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 07:10:35 AM »
I believe that sprouting seeds inactivates the anti-enzymatic properties of the seeds. Once this happens, the plant gives enzymes to the digestion that help to break it down and make the nutrients more available. It's not that it has more nutritional value. It's just easier for a body to absorb them.  Am I right?

I think most people go by the current agri-business system that has been shaped to support the consumption of grain.  Grains can be helpful as a part of certain diets for those animals that can tolerate them such as poultry or swine (They are omnivores). But as the only source of nutrition, I think you are asking for trouble. They are hard to digest, high carb, therefore require insulin to convert them (usually to fat in confined animals), and create an overly acidic system. This makes the animal more likely to be susceptible to disease. I like the system that Joel Salatin at Polyface farms uses. Animals need to be allowed to be what they are. Pigs need to dig around and nibble at the plants and roots, poultry should be able to forage the grasses and wild herbs we call weeds, along with the unfortunate bug that crosses their path. Stress is non existent and they have a well rounded diet, which all goes into making a healthy animal that best serves the purpose for which it was raised.

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