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On-Going Resilience Farm Projects
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 05:19:13 AM »
Our specialty here at the Resilience Research Farm is "System Research".  This means that if we decide to develop a better way to market farm that we start with the basic essentials (cultivation, soil building, weeding, succession planting, harvesting, marketing, delivery and finish with record keeping).

Our current projects involve just that:  We are shooting video of our Mechanized Raised Bed production methods and will combine the field information with planning using the software program "Market Farm Forms" and information gained from a test CSA we ran using a method we call "Farmer's Market Style CSA".

All of this information will be combined in the DVD and, of course we will be glad to present the program at conferences as well.

Other projects involve a small-scale laying chicken system for free-ranging birds, a Year-Round gardening video designed to show folks how to move from being an "August" gardener (one who puts the garden to bed  in August) to one who can supply food for the family (or restaurant markets) year 'round.

We also have acquired our Seed Producer and Nursery Stock licenses from the State of Missouri and are growing out some heirloom seeds such as Jerusalem Artichokes, "Daniel Miller"Sweet sorghum Seeds, and wineberry vines.

Keep checking back for photos and updates, sign up for the RSS feed, or click "Notify" to receive updates as they are posted to this board.

Herman Beck-Chenoweth
Executive Director/Farm Manager

Market Farm Forms:

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