Author Topic: Support the Save America's Pollinator's Act  (Read 803 times)

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Support the Save America's Pollinator's Act
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 06:51:34 AM »
The headlines are more frightening with every passing day. Millions
of honeybees killed in Florida. Millions of honeybees killed in

And this is just from the ILLEGAL spraying. And neonicotinoid
bee poisons have been found in plants sold by Home Depot and Lowes,
so that well meaning people putting in plants to attract pollinators
may in fact be helping to slaughter them.

Last winter was the worst ever for mass honeybee die offs at 45%. It
took almost every living honeybee in the country just to pollinate
California's almond crop last season. One more winter like this one
and our agricultural food chain will start collapsing as soon as this
very next year.

To members of Congress, do you really want to go into your next
election trying to explain to your constituents why you did nothing
in response to these stark and clear warnings?

Congress must act immediately in the national interest to put a
moratorium in place, as the European Union has already done, on the
use of the enduring neonicotinoids pesticides that are now strongly
implicated. These poisons have never actually been field tested for
safety, but were slipped into widespread use through a conditional
use loophole, the condition being that testing would take place, but
it never did.

Pass the Save America's Pollinator's Act of 2013 now.

Save Our Bees Action Page:

If you want to DO something, please submit the action page above. And
after you do feel free to request one of our beautiful new "Save Our
Bees" bumper stickers, featuring a picture of a busy bee absolutely
covered in pollen. You can have one for no charge, not even shipping,
from the return page from your action page submission, or from this
direct link.

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