Author Topic: SARE Celebrates 25 Years at the Forefront of Agricultural Innovation  (Read 897 times)

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SARE Celebrates 25 Years at the Forefront of Agricultural Innovation
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SARE Celebrates 25 Years at the Forefront of Agricultural Innovation


With today's farmers facing many difficulties - shrinking margins, resource scarcity, challenging weather, the demands of a growing population, and much more - the need for sustainable solutions is as important as ever. For 25 years, USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has been supporting thousands of farmers and ranchers, educators, and researchers as they advance innovations that will allow U.S. agriculture to thrive now and long into the future.

To learn more, download the new brochure 25 Years of SARE now:  http://www.sare.org/content/download/70496/1000634/25_Years_of_SARE.pdf?inlinedownload=1

In 1988, in response to a growing call for greater investment in sustainable agriculture, Congress provided the first funding for SARE. This established a competitive grant-making model that is as innovative as the producers and projects it supports: The SARE program is regionally administered, science based, outreach oriented and driven by passionate stakeholders, most vitally by farmers and ranchers themselves. SARE grants field test new ideas on farms and research stations, and encourage farmers and educators to share their discoveries with their peers.

Twenty five years later, a generation of SARE grantees have led the way in advancing sustainable agriculture systems that improve productivity, profit, stewardship and quality of life for farmers, ranchers and society as a whole. An exhaustive list of the pioneering work done by SARE grantees would be hard to come by, but noteworthy highlights can be found in 25 Years of SARE.

Read 25 Years of SARE to learn more about the role SARE grantees have played - and continue to play - in the development of:

    cover crops
    rotational grazing
    local and regional marketing
    large-scale agroecosystem research
    small-scale meat processing
    energy independence
    water conservation
    the next generation of farmers, ranchers and ag professionals

To explore all 25 years of SARE's cutting-edge research on these and many other topics, visit our database of projects at www.sare.org/projects

SARE promotes education that ensures new information gets into the hands of those who need it: Grantees are required to conduct outreach and grower engagement; SARE's network of Extension educators in each state leads professional development efforts on sustainable agriculture topics; and the SARE Learning Center is a treasure trove of practical books, bulletins, grantee-produced information products and other educational materials, all based on SARE-funded research.