Author Topic: Longing for Community Hunter-Gatherer Style  (Read 865 times)

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Longing for Community Hunter-Gatherer Style
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2013, 03:36:46 AM »

Hi Nathan,

You bring up an important consideration about the number of people who might
be involved in a community living venture. I would suggest that you focus on
quality over quantity--start small, with a few dedicated, clearheaded
people. Without that foundation, your house will crumble before you know it.

Hunter-gatherer clans ranged from 15 to 35 people, and sociological research
has shown that these are the maximum number of people that we are
psycho-emotionally equipped to develop trusting, empathetic relationships
with. Anything larger than this and you will end up with a village and a
hierarchical, bureaucratic structure.

There are 13 permanent residents here at the Teaching Drum, including four
children. Five more are traveling and will be back this winter. We don't
want to be much bigger than this, as we have a solid, stable core of eight
people other than me who have been a part of this Circle for 6 to 13 years.
Among us we have evolved a beautiful and highly functional clan-based
working-loving relationship.

And we are dedicated to helping others achieve the same. The family year
long was our formal start--it was so successful that many if not most
participants would have stayed if we didn't have a policy of encouraging
year longers to go out in the world for a year and test out what they have
learned. Right now we are talking to 6 year long grads who want to come and
join us (when we have space, we give first priority to year-longers, as they
have thorough training in the necessary relationship and healing skills).

An important distinction between community and clan is dodemic relationship.
What defines a clan is dodemic resonance amongst the members. Here at the
Teaching Drum, for instance, the seven of us who have been here the longest
all have birds for animal guides. People with bird animal guides keep being
drawn here, and a number of people in our extended circle have birds for

Dodemic relationship is an essential consideration in the evolution of
clan--so much so that it will likely make or break any efforts toward clan

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