Author Topic: An Idea for a Farm-Made Product: Timberworks Toys  (Read 987 times)

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An Idea for a Farm-Made Product: Timberworks Toys
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 07:22:11 AM »
When cabinet maker Chris Heston’s wife suggested he make some toys for their son in 2009, he really took the idea to heart. Three years later, Timberworks Toys are sold in several retail locations in Columbia and through the company website. Chris describes his wooden toys, made from hard maple, as “Lincoln logs on steroids.”

The traditional toys are handcrafted, educational interlocking blocks, making them ideal for older children because the blocks are able to connect and form larger, three-dimensional structures. With names inspired from well-known pastries such as donuts and long johns, his blocks use a patented locking device and other one of-a-kind connectors, creating endless possibilities.

There are building kits that include movable parts and wheels to make vehicles, as well as other kits that include larger pieces for building bridges and even two-story post-and-beam structures. Chris also has simpler blocks without all the interlocking pieces for younger children.

Take a look at the products and perhaps you will think of something YOU can make.  Or, perhaps you would like to purchase some for someone you know!

Take a look at the resources available in the Woodworking Department at