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A Celebration of the beginning of a new gardening year.
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A Celebration of the beginning of a new gardening year.

A Ritual of the Sacred Tree Fellowship

By Herman Beck
Behold Great Mystery, creative force that moves through all.
We call to the four directions:

Keepers of the East. direction of new beginnings, inspiration
and creativity, of dawn and Spring and new births.  Be with
us and teach us your ways.

Keepers of the South, direction of vitality. Summer and
growth.  Be with us, teach us your ways.

We turn to the keepers of the West, direction of
introspection. Autumn and maturity. Be with us and teach us
your ways.

We turn to the keepers of the North and respectfully  ask
that you share your wisdom of maturity with us.

We put our hands on the Earth and ask the great substance of
the Earth to give us grounding in our work and to give it
  We summon all the animals, the flyers, swimmers,
crawlers and walkers;  all the plants and rocks and minerals,
the forces of air, wind, fire and water; and all human                                                               
beings: elders, children, teachers, black, white red and
yellow to be with us and teach us your ways.

And, Great Spirit, we ask you to hold us and cradle us in
your divine protection as you be with us and that you teach
us and show us your ways.

It is once again the time of the Vernal Equinox.   A few days ago
was one of two times this year that day and night were of
equal length.  The Equinox times are very sacred to people of
the old ways.  From now through Summer Solstice in June, the
days will continue to lengthen.

As the days continue to lengthen, each day we awaken to a new
longer day of clear, crisp bright yellow Sun's rays. A new
gardening season will soon be upon us.  The cold blue of the
North is giving way to new warmth as the days grow longer and
the ground grows warmer.  The seeds of new growth will
germinate and mature. 

As I have mentioned. Spring, time of
the Vernal Equinox, is one of two times a year when the day
and night are of equal length.    Let us strive for such a
balance in our own lives and let us sow seeds for our own
spiritual growth.

To commemorate this time of balance and growth, let us light
four prayer candles as a reminder to us at the start of this
new growing year to pay particular attention to the four
directions of our Spiritual Duty:  Right Speech,  Right
Thought,  Right Action and  Right Relationship.

1st CANDLE:  Right thought is the action of the East of the
sacred Wheel.  This month is the beginning of the planting
season and its energy is perfect for sowing good seeds of
right thought.  There is a saint who said it is easier to
live a good life than to think good thoughts.

We have the gift of intelligence and good conscience. . Bad
thoughts are going to come up now and then, but you don't
have to do what you think.  Your thoughts are just a drawing
board.  Draw better stuff.  Be nice. If you are nice it will
be easier to think nice because you won't be using that other
stuff and it will wither away from not being used. 

This is the perfect time to evaluate what seed thoughts we have been
sowing and what seeds we need to sow in order that our
actions will honor our ancestors and create harmony unto the
7th generation.

Right speech is at the South of the sacred
wheel.  Do we speak with clarity and honesty?  We have to use
all of our mind and thought and good judgement and compassion                                                                 
to say things to people in ways that will be valuable to them.
You have to speak the truth, and you have to know it's the
truth when you speak it. 

You need to be truthful, and you
need to be kind.  You need to be helpful, and your
information has to be relevant.  If the truth is said
ignorantly, it is not the truth.

3RD CANDLE:  Right Action requires maturity and is
represented in the West of the sacred wheel of life.  You
start with Right Thoughts, speak truthfully through Right
Speech and do what you know is right by others and the
Universe.  Look at a situation, and without being attached,
decide what is morally right and do it.  Never mind your head
trips.  Decide what is right and do it.  When you learn how
to do that, it is a great refuge and a great peace.

4TH CANDLE:  Right Relationship is represented by the North
on the sacred wheel.  Through right relationship we come to
know the balance and resolution that the voice of wisdom and
compassion brings.
Right Thoughts activates the wisdom to speak Right Speech,
which allows us to know Right Action.  Through Right Action

we create Right Relationship.  Through Right Relationship we
come to know balance and resolution,  and from that the voice
of compassion arises (Right Thought).

This completes our sacred journey back to the center and from
there the cycle continues on, making a sacred hoop. It is
through this deeper nature of compassionate mind and
communication, that we will one day all speak  one language
again.  The Elders teach that the language will be one of few
words but full of vision.

The seed of Harmony is lying dormant in our spirit bodies
waiting for germination.  Now, let us remember throughout the
year that each of us must plant the seeds of Right Thought,
Right Speech,  Right Action and  Right Relationship
continually so that the seeds of harmony will germinate and
grow to bring harmony unto the seventh generation.

Great Spirit that is at the Sacred center of all divine
energies, thank you for holding us and cradling us in your
protection as we bring wholeness to our hearts and to the
world, and bless this farm to produce abundant food to
nourish our Earthly bodies.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For more information on the Sacred Tree Fellowship click here:

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