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October 2012 Circle of Nations Newsletter
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EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
Not all problems can be solved....

We’ve all done it.... beat our heads against the proverbial wall trying to solve a problem.  We all know what it’s like to give a valiant effort to try and fix something - or someone - only to find that some things are just broken beyond repair.  My friends, it’s true.  Not all questions have an answer, and not all problems have a solution.  Sometimes, even for the eternal optimist, it is wiser to realize that some rocks are made with jagged edges, and others are smooth and round, and this is just the way it is.  And no matter how hard we might try to make the jagged rock soft and round, it will never, ever be, and that’s okay.  It is okay to accept that some things must be as they are, good or bad, soft or sharp, healed or sick, mended or broken.  We do not always have the answers to all of life’s questions.  There are many times when the right thing to do, is to let go.  To wash your hands and take a deep breath and know you gave it your best, and that your best is enough.  Ever hear the saying, ‘To keep doing the same thing expecting a different result is madness’?  When you’ve ‘repaired’ it again and again and again, only to see that it has not improved or fixed it at all, then it is time to let it go.  This life is made up of wobbly handrails, squeaky hinges, and creaky joints.  You are not required to fix them all.  Give it your best, but if the handrail still wobbles, the hinges still squeak or the joints still creak, then it is time to move on, and apply your gifts elsewhere....

SOUTH - Itokagata - Red (Red Earth)
A word from Peggy....
Life loves to throw you curve balls.  I’ve had my share today, this week and this month.

We all have our share.  Sometimes we just have to quit swinging and let the balls fly.
Sometimes just stop and wait for a ball we can swing at.  Or maybe just move on to another game or no game at all.  Many roads and many options.  Life is like that.  As I write this in the middle of some turbulence, I feel a wonderful soft fall breeze swirl around the room and I am aware of the magic in the now.  In the center far away from drama and worldly struggle is an assurance, a confidence in the great Mystery, in the Creator, in the I am.  So, as the loud distraction demands your attention just sit quiet and let them go until they collide with each other and dissolve.  Enjoy the small blessings in each moment.

Circle Studios Records News

Oct 6th  this Saturday in Van Buren AR, don’t miss a great day of teaching & music
Oct 19-21st  Mending Medicine Retreat Eureka Springs AR
                    'Reconnecting to Mother Earth'
Oct 20th  JTH Concert at Inn of the Ozarks - Beautiful World Tour
Oct 26-28th  Nashville Indiana Fall Art Show

Listen to John Two Hawks Music at Back40Books Music Department:

So many wonderful Events taking place
Don’t Miss the Pathway to Wisdom Retreat at Stillpointe in Bellville IL near St. Louis
Nov 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Duck….curve ball coming your way!


WEST - Wiyohpeyata - Black or Blue (We are STILL Here!)
Respecting what we eat....

Do you pray before you take that first bite?  Do you take a moment to give thanks for the food you are about to eat?  No ‘brow-beating’ intended here, just a question with no strings attached.  We have lost our connection with the earth in many ways in this modern age.  And one of our disconnects is with our food.  As a society, we have forgotten the importance of respecting the living things we eat.  In Lakota culture of old, the greatest respect was given not only to the buffalo, but also to the plants, fruits and water.  All of these living things were procured with the utmost dignity.  No animal or plant was ever disrespected or treated as only a ‘resource’.  This wisdom has been forgotten by the modern world.  I want to invite you to look at the food you eat in a new way.  I want you to see it as a living gift.  In fact, it is indeed the gift of life.  So take a moment when your food is in front of you.  Take a moment to consider where it grew, the sun and rain that nourished it, and the breath of life contained within it.... and offer a quiet thank you.  For it has perished that you may live, and such is the circle of life....

We are thrilled to have Johnice Cross as a featured speaker at the Mending Medicine Retreat this year!  She will speak on our connection to food, and the organic, grown locally movement.

NORTH - Waziyata - White  (Words of Wisdom)
A few thoughts from my contemplations....

We cannot un-speak what has been spoken....

Learning only happens when the mind is opened and the mouth is closed....

Happiness must come entirely from within yourself....

May Wakantanka encircle you and yours with faith to believe, hope for the future, and love for all....     

As always, in the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world
Your Oglala Lakota friend and brother,

John Two-Hawks

Reprinting of this Circle of Nations newsletter is encouraged!  All I ask is that it be printed in its entirety, with no changes, and that I be given proper credit.   Wopila (great thanks)!

Re-printed as a part of the mission of The Sacred Tree Fellowship:   www.SacredTreeFellowship.org