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Homeschooler's Movie Review: Nim's Island
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 08:36:36 AM »
Nim's Island Scene
 Review by Nicole Faires

Yesterday the girls and I watched Nim’s Island. We’ve been using lots of movies this week in an attempt to let mom get some much-needed rest, but I enjoyed this one just as much as they did, lol. Perhaps because it’s the story of a dad and his daughter living on a remote island in their self-built treehouse (above) powered by wind and solar, the way the movie starts out with the girl (Nim) saying positively, “I’m homeschooled!” or the fact that they grow their own food and even eat mealworms as a staple in their diet.

Growing up I loved movies like this, especially since Nim gets left alone on the island and handles it quite well, even fixing the solar panels after a storm. There were some Home Alone-like moments like making the volcano spew steam in order to get some vacationers to leave, and the animals were too anthropomorphic in typical Disney style for my taste, but I enjoyed her very Continuum lifestyle. It’s Swiss Family Robinson meets Home Alone with an agoraphobic, OCD author that discovers that she didn’t need to be living in fear.

I guess it played into the desire of many people to sail off in a sailboat, find some uninhabited island and build a treehouse on it. Who wouldn’t want to do that? They also had satellite internet and a nice iMac so despite the mealworms, they were living it up. If we should all be so lucky, lol. Despite the  anthropomorphics of it all, it made me feel quite adventurous and I am really looking forward to trekking into the woods this summer. Without the internet, lol.

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