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About Farmers & Real Life
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 06:54:04 AM »
Subject:  On Farmers

This comes as close to who I am, what I do and how I think than anything
I have ever read, heard or seen. If you have read Wendell Berry, you
know what I am talking about, but this is concise.

I have caught baby rabbits that were disoriented and in the middle of a
field, and taken them to a hedgerow. A deer hunter for 44 years, I have
let a doe and fawn walk many times. I have been out at sunrise and long
after sunset, in blazing heat and freezing cold. One year it was
threatening weather the next day and I knew if I did not get my wheat
in, the winter wet would set in and I would not get it planted. I
finished at 1:30 AM in blowing snow flurries, having been up since 5:00
AM fixing land. I have delivered the calves that died and this year,
buried my oldest and best cow. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, cares about
an animal more that the farmer who owns that pig, steer or even
chicken. While I am pragmatic enough to know that some will not make it
and all I can do is bury them, I slaughter my chickens with due
reverence, knowing that their life's forfeiture, leads to mine and my
children's and now grand children's lives.

A son of the soil for uncounted generations, I do not blink when I say, "I farm."


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