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Elder's Teachings from Winston Wuttunee: Teachings of the Drum
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1) Teachings of the Drum. The drum is broken down into the four
    stages of life:

a) The child and all his characteristics, experience and dreams to
   the age of twenty-five years old. The child is represented by the
    White Buffalo.
b) The grown man and his experiences, dreams and realities of life and
    what can he do about it. These are the ages between twenty-five to
    fifty. Represented by the Yellow Eagle.
c) The trail of the grown man to the age of fifty, and how he gets to be
    a member of a community, his experiences and dreams, some of
    which are realized and some of which are shattered along the way.
    The important position he takes in the community and the work he
    does there. The learned humility and the strength of community
    members working together. Ages fifty to seventy-five. Represented
    by the Little Green Mouse.
d) On becoming this age, the ability to look back on your life and pass
    your experience onto the younger generations in a good way. Ages
    seventy-five to one hundred years old. Represented by the Black

About Winston Wuttunee:
A household name in the Canadian Music industry since 1973, Aboriginal
                                   entertainer Winston Wuttunee has wowed audiences across North America
                                   as well as Europe and Australia as a singer, keynote speaker, and comedian.
                                   Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Winston is fluent in Cree, English, French,
                                   and has working knowledge of German. His formative years as a musician
                                   were spent in the Canadian Guards Regimental Band as a Clarinetist, which allowed him to broaden his musical repertoire to include Rock & Roll, Blues, Country & Western, Pop, and Classical. He has appeared in hundreds of newspaper articles and interviews, on national television, on radio, and in three movies. In 2002, he became a Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, an honour bestowed upon him by the Annual Aboriginal Awards. He is a proud father and grandfather to four boys, one daughter, and five grandchildren. Winston currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hear Winston's Music on KWBC.FM's Prairie Dogs & Tumblweed Show each Saturday Evening
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